Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Cryptocurrencies Again
April 25, 2023 5:16 PM - Season 10, Episode 9 - Subscribe

This week.... Scotty Campbell, one of the Tennessee lawmakers who voted to expel two of his Democratic colleges for protesting against gun violence, was revealed himself to have sexually harassed at least one intern, and resigned his seat. The right flips out over an Instagram influencer promoting Bud Light because she was a trans woman. Main story: Cryptocurrency again, a look at three of the biggest collapses of recent months: Terra, Celsius and FTX. On Youtube (24 minutes). And Now: A Look At A Few More Of Jim Cramer's Great Calls.

Beer: "Drinkable bread that makes talking less scary."
Bud Light:
"The beer you'd give a child to drink to teach it a lesson."
"A beer that asks the question, 'Are we allowed to call cat's urine beer, because if not, this factory tour is over."
"Fizzy water swished around a dog's mouth."
"A beer that admittedly tastes a lot like the piss you make after drinking a different, better beer."
"What you get when you wring out a bar rag at the end of a shift at any bar."
Cryptocurrency: "The only word that makes Elon Musk nut immediately."
Jim Cramer: "The squawking parrot on every pirate's shoulder."
Subway: "A restaurant whose slogan is officially 'Eat Fresh," but spiritually, 'Trust us, it's tuna."

How Not To Play The Game, by Matt Levine on Bloomberg
How a Trash-Talking Crypto Founder Caused a $40 Billion Crash, by David Yaffe-Bellany and Erin Griffith in the New York Times
Celsius Used Customer Funds to Prop Up Token and Cover Shortfalls, Examiner Finds, by Soma Biswas in the Wall Street Journal
Celsius Network Plots a Comeback After a Crypto Crash, by David Yaffe-Bellany in the Wall Street Journal
First Interim Report of John J. Ray III to the Independent Directors on Control Failures at the FTX Exchanges, available on

Things Jim Cramer was bullish on: Elizabeth Holmes (going to prison for fraud), SVB Financial (collapsed), Zoom (lost 80% of its value), Bear Stearns (collapsed, heralded crisis), Russia's millitary prospects (failed to win in two hours), Meta (shares plunged), and after that, dissing Meta (stock price doubled).

F.37 "Requiescat in Pulitzer," BUZZFEED NEWS
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The Scotty Campbell clip was great, as was the Jim Cramer piece.

I was shocked, SHOCKED,to find out crypto is a scam. I would laugh harder, but a friend lost a lot when he was sucked in.
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John's being doing some really great shows recently. I thought last season was a bit bumpy, but he's really upped it this season. The Jim Cramer bit was fantastic. I also loved the fake commercial for Bud Light.
posted by ceejaytee at 4:35 AM on April 26, 2023

I thought last season was a bit bumpy, but he's really upped it this season. The Jim Cramer bit was fantastic.

I don't know whether it was conscious choice or just an improvement in the zeitgeist, but it definitely hasn't seemed as "Well, we're all fucked, might as well wring a couple of laughs out of it on the way down..." this season.
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So do we think the Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News bit next week will be:

(a) a couple minutes in the opening "this week" roundup
(b) the main story
(c) the F.37 joke in the opening credits
(d) all of the above
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B and C
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John's summary of the three crypto companies gave me more information than the past 5(?) years of me trying to ignore that it exists ever did. And it gave me even more confidence that my ignorance of it all is/was a good thing.

Loved the Jim Cramer bits. Especially because a money-bro acquaintance of mine used to spout Cramer-isms as gospel.
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It's rare (but not unheard of) for the F.37 joke to be a way for them to acknowledge something happening that they couldn't devote time to.

If I had to bet, F.37 will be a tribute to Harry Belafonte, and Tucker Carlson will be one of the lead stories and/or one of the And Now bits. The show usually doesn't devote the main story to celebrating things.
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I absolutely do not understand how Jim Cramer has a job. The only time I ever hear about him, it's someone talking about him getting it absolutely wrong about some company or other. But also I am absolutely not an investor person so I guess I'm never reading anything that would share a time he got something right.
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Cramer Inverse ETF
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Jon Stewart's interview with Jim Cramer was one of the all time greats.

Jim Cramer: I never told people to buy X!

Jon Stewart: (To Producers) Please roll clip #398

Jim Cramer in Video Clip: BUY X! BUY X! BUY X!

Jim Cramer: Well I might have suggested people buy X, but I never told them to buy Y

Jon Stewart: (To Producers) Please roll clip #294

Jim Cramer in Video Clip: Don't let anyone tell you not to buy Y! You should really buy as much Y as you can!

[Repeated over and over and over again]
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