Murder, She Wrote: Corned Beef and Carnage   Rewatch 
February 4, 2015 7:54 AM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Jessica is in New York to visit her niece Victoria, and her husband Howard, who used to live in San Francisco. Victoria is now an ad exec at an advertising agency run by Larry Kincaid, who is trying desperately to renew one of their major accounts with the Corned Beef Castle restaurant chain. Vicky comes back to the office one night after a verbal tiff with Larry, only to find him dead on the floor of his office. When Lt. Spoletti is sure that Vicky is the murderer, can Jessica change his mind and find the real culprit?
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Has anyone ever calculated just how many nieces and nephews Jessica Fletcher has? I googled to see, but can't find anything, and frankly I'm kind of disappointed in the Internet if no one has done this.
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Given that there are 12 seasons, with a total of 264 episodes + four TV movies, that's a lot of possible references to relatives. In this case, we've met Vicky and Howard before, way back in season one. Mapping JB's family tree is on my list of things to do, eventually.

Back to the episode at hand. First off, the title is is catchy, but so very misleading! Carnage is the killing of a large number of people. I demand more deaths! And more corned beef!

OK, I'm actually thrilled there wasn't more corned beef, because nothing about that sounds like it should be the main menu item in a regional chain of successful restaurants. I guess being an angry construction foreman was lucrative. It's a shame his business endeavour didn't work out, but don't worry! this is just the second of SIX roles Ken Swofford has on MSW, including his repeat appearances as Lt. Catalano. I really hope he doesn't reprise his role as sexual harasser, though.
Well, actually, Larry, I was thinkin' more about splittin' a Chateaubriand with Victoria. There's something about that young filly that brings out the stallion in this old horse. I bet you could explain to her just how important this is for her future on the account.
UGGGGGG. And then her boss says "I'll make sure she understands." How is that not called out more strongly in this episode?
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Eh, Arby's is still in business so you never can tell...

"JB, love your product."
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