Murder, She Wrote: Dead Man's Gold   Rewatch 
February 7, 2015 8:54 AM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Jessica is reunited with an old flame, the dashing adventurer and sometimes con man David Everett. He's in Cabot Cove with four young associates and is searching the waters off the town for a British frigate that supposedly sank there circa 1777. Jessica isn't familiar with any history of a sinking in the harbor but is happy to see her old friend. He's not been entirely honest with him however and is in hock to a loan shark who has bought in to a share of the forthcoming treasure. Greed seems to run afoul with the divers, too, as one almost dies on a dive and another meets their end on dry land. Can Jessica sort out the mixed motives and find the real killer?
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OK, I admittedly had a little troubling following at first with the Leslie Nielsen character. The last time we saw him back in S1, he was also on a boat, also wearing a very kicky sailing outfit complete with turtleneck, and also flirting handily with Jessica. So I thought for at least ten minutes that cruise ship Captain Daniels had fallen in with the wrong crowd during a port visit and ended up deeply in debt. Instead, it just seems M,SW likes to put Nielsen on boats.

And I think I must have also been really tired when I was watching this (I'm a few episodes ahead), because I was honestly hoping the plot would go the way of Easy Come, Easy Go where Elvis goes diving for a sunken ship that no one think actually exists (which I also confuse with Blue Hawaii, where Angela Lansbury plays Elvis's mother (she was 35 at the time).
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Not my fave MSW episodes despite a flirty Leslie Nielsen and all the '80's overload wardrobe, which would normally thrill me while I watch it while drinking tea (the best way to watch this show if you ask me). Clingy killers kind of bore me...
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Oh, geez, Leslie Neilson kissed JB on the lips in front of Seth.
Not cool, bro.

You know Mrs. Fletcher is way too classy for that kind of PDA, and if she did, would have better options than the guy from "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea".

no diss to Frank Drebin, but come on!
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I loooove drunk Alex.
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