Becky (2020)
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Surly teen Becky (Lulu Wilson) turns hostile in a hurry when her widowed dad (Joel McHale) brings along his new girlfriend and her son unannounced to the family lakehouse. But when Neo-Nazi convicts on the run invade the home, led by the merciless Dominick (Kevin James), they discover there are no limits to how angry and dangerous one pissed-off teenage girl can be.

Also starring Amanda Brugel, Robert Maillet, Ryan McDonald.

Directed by Cary Murnion, Jonathan Milott. Written by Ruckus Skye, Lane Skye, and Nick Morris.

72% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently streaming on Showtime. Also widely available for digital rental, with $1 specials currently in effect on multiple outlets. JustWatch listing.
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Is this a great movie? No.

Is it a kinda good movie in which an extremely pissed-off teenage girl brutally murders a bunch of Nazis? Yes, it is.

I kinda loved it. Looking forward to the sequel now.

Oh and here's the trailer.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 9:55 AM on May 4 [7 favorites]

Yeah this premise alone makes me wanna check it out, thanks!
posted by Navelgazer at 10:00 AM on May 4

I'm sorry, Kevin James?

holy bonkers
posted by Etrigan at 10:09 AM on May 4 [4 favorites]


Okay I'm tempted
posted by obfuscation at 10:13 AM on May 4 [1 favorite]

I'm sorry, Kevin James?

I haven't ever seen the movie, but I saw the trailer, and this was exactly my reaction.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 10:43 AM on May 4 [1 favorite]

Kevin James acquits himself pretty well here. Lulu Wilson is the unquestionable star though.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 10:53 AM on May 4 [2 favorites]

Rotten Tomatoes has an unusual definition of “ top critic”. This would be excellent for a student film.
posted by Ideefixe at 12:48 PM on May 4

I'm trying to figure out the casting for a 'duel to the death with my younger self' movie.
Should it be Lulu Wilson vs Thora Birch? or vs Mia Goth?
posted by bartleby at 1:07 PM on May 4

This would be excellent for a student film.

Okay there, Corporal Hot Take. At ease.
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bartleby: I'm trying to figure out the casting for a 'duel to the death with my younger self' movie.
Should it be Lulu Wilson vs Thora Birch? or vs Mia Goth?

Strongly suspecting any duel presented to your younger self would be met with the simple reply, "I would prefer not to." Speaking of which... (runs off to make a FF post)
posted by DirtyOldTown at 1:49 PM on May 4 [6 favorites]

For me, this is like Green Room meets Home Alone, which was not a thing I knew I would enjoy but here we are.
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"Tell Becky to come back now."
"She won't do what I tell her"
"You're her guardian."
"I'm not... She's the most strong-willed and vindictive person I have ever known. And you just tortured and killed her only living parent... GOOD LUCK."
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I want to watch this because of the casting alone!
posted by epj at 10:27 AM on May 5

Thanks for the rec! Just right for a medical-procedure-recovery-weekend fare.

Watched this right after watching M3gan and Lulu Wilson is gets much more satisfying material here than Violet McGraw.

I would love to own a repro of Becky's hat.
posted by porpoise at 5:27 PM on May 6 [1 favorite]

Just watched it, 99 cents well spent. Found it all grand guignol and not at all scary, which is what I wanted. And that smile at the end. It's awesome.
posted by mark k at 10:57 PM on May 6 [1 favorite]

Google seems to think that 'The Wrath of Becky' is out May 26th, as a limited release. Seems like it was already screened at SXSW? Seann William Scott is in it?

posted by porpoise at 5:40 AM on May 7

Festival release dates are different than theatrical release dates. Both are true: it was screened at SXSW and its theatrical limited release begins 5/26.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 6:00 AM on May 7

Wrath of Becky is the 2023 sequel - trailer
posted by Pronoiac at 4:14 AM on June 14 [1 favorite]

I finally caught up with this tonight. It was good fun.
posted by johnofjack at 4:53 PM on June 26 [1 favorite]

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