Mrs. Davis: Allison Treasures: A Southern California Story
May 4, 2023 7:15 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

After learning the whereabouts of the Holy Grail, Simone partners with Wiley and the Resistance to heist a special suit needed for its extraction. The only problem - the suit is currently in the possession of Simone's mother, Celeste.
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No spoilers, but this episode provided one of my favorite surprises so far. And there have been some doozies in this opening season.
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It's FanFare, spoilers are OK. And I have no idea what you're referring to, please share!

Probably my least fav ep so far. Not nearly bonkers enough! Did LOL at the Ayn Rand joke, however.
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Spoil away!

The Vulture recapper agrees: It can be said without fear of contradiction that this is the least zany episode of Mrs. Davis yet. [Archive link]
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to me it felt that after last week's info dump this episode is gradually leading us back into full-zany again. We needed to catch our breath, and i think slamming back into the crazy would have been jarring. Hopefully they put the pedal down next week when they go after the whale and the grail.
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I have desperately been trying to get my movie club to watch this. I didn't know what to expect going in.

It started bonkers.
Then it got weirder.

jazon, I agree about giving us a breather. This whole thing is just glorious. And, weirdly, kind of fully-fleshed out characters - much due to some fine, fine, non-verbal acting.

This episode fills in some colors in the corner of a very complicated canvas. The use of the black-and-white motif for the mom is nice - reflects her way of seeing every situation.

The shrine room was a little over the top, but the whole show has inured me to over the top, so - I just rolled with it at this point. JQ's squeal at seeing Mom's set-up ("Game recognizes game!") was delightful.
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Raymond Teller, of Penn and Teller was the magician advisor!

How Mrs. Davis'Resident Magician Taught A Nun New Tricks [Inverse]
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Least zany, but so informative. Mrs. Davis tells people what they want to hear to increase engagement, it seems obvious, but as this episode's proxy says, "Bummer.", Simone's mother read Atlas Shrugged to her as as child, and really great sex lets you actually see Christ (I assume believers only) is just excellent. The hall pass from J is just so on brand, and off dogma, that it brings a smile to my face. But Simone's father, he is a true, and epic POS.

I just want to see Mom's reaction to the actual grail. Also, I am curious, how did the whale have the Grail in its belly this long without its head going boom?

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"You're a big, strong boy. Everybody loves you. You're never going to die!"

I want all future episodes of Black Mirror to be done in the style of this show, please.
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The Mrs. Davis Writers’ Room Was Built With New Voices and New Values [Vulture / Archive]
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Raymond Teller

He's been just Teller for going on 50 years. He is/was just Teller to his parents. He legally changed his name and everything.

Edit: huh, that article uses "Raymond". Wonder if that's just a puff piece writer doing their research by scanning the top of his Wikipedia page, or if he is bringing the Raymond back.
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That’s why I added Raymond even though I’d never heard him use that name!
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So much of what they know hinges on information that Clara's father told them, and since we've found that everyone on this show is an unreliable narrator, I'm anticipating finding out that (a) the Grail was actually double-swapped in an attempt to get the Sisters of the Coin to destroy their "fake" Grail, which is actually real, and/or that (b) Clara is still alive. The arc of the story points more toward (a), because it would make Simone the parakeet for her own father as well as for Clara's father and there are so many parallels between the two women and their parents. BUT, that also seems maybe too straightforward and telegraphed for this show, so maybe (a) is a red herring and (b) is the way to go, since faking death is another theme of the show. I'm really eager to see the final two episodes but I'll be sad to finish too.
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I also think Clara is alive because every instance of over-the-top violence has been faked.
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