All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: Dynamite 5/10 and Rampage 5/12 -- Omega/Moxley IV
May 10, 2023 5:02 PM - Season 4, Episode 32 - Subscribe

"Tony Khan has been known to dip into exaggeration from time to time when hyping AEW. That’s to be expected from a promoter. His latest bold claim is that Dynamite has a PPV lineup, and I actually agree with him this time. The upcoming episode of Dynamite on May 10 is stacked." -- SB Nation

The announced card for tonight:

FTR respond to Jarrett and Lethal’s challenge
Team Impact has been working Mark Briscoe's nerves trying to get him to influence FTR to accept their challenege for the AEW tag titles, today might be the day Mark snaps and sets us up a nice trios match for Double Or Nothing
AEW World Trios Championship: House of Black (c) vs. Bandido & Best Friends
This interesting "Open House Match" stip is a little hard to follow, it seems like its a tornado tag with 20-second count outs, but also a secret bonus stip that the challengers get to pick? Looking forward to seeing how the small details of this play out, but I wouldn't put money on the House losing.
Anna Jay.A.S. vs. Julia Hart
Speaking of "the house always wins"... I don't think there's any way Hot Blonde Undertaker doesn't win this on her way to becoming a strangely frightening babyface
We’ll hear from Christian Cage and his challenge for the TNT Championship
... and then, if God is good, we'll hear a sickening wet thud as Wardlow hurls him to the ground on his way to fighting Luchasaurus at DoN
AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Daniel Garcia
If the Best Friends win (see above), Orange might lose, but they ain't winning, so Cassidy ain't losing
Double Jeopardy: Rey Fenix vs. Claudio Castagnoli
This is another strange stip -- whoever wins gets a title shot at the other person's title. Except both of them are holding ROH titles right now, so what gives Tony? This could have been another women's match!

Also I really dislike stips that go "in order to get a match against the champ, you have to beat the champ" because you automatically deflate the tension -- if I already saw a champ lose, why would I get excited over the prospect of them losing again?
Steel Cage Match: Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley
The last time these two had a direct singles match was AEW Revolution 2021, a great match soured by that bogus non-explosive finish. This is only their fourth singles match since the company started.
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Two programming notes: The match between Julia and Anna is a "no-holds-barred" match, so this is really a big night for fans of stipulations.

Also, Rampage is airing SATURDAY 5/13, not Friday as I foolishly assumed, due to sports scheduling.
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Miro's back, Thunder Rosa is back, they're all walking into TK's office, who else are we missing? Kris Statlander? Abbadon? Pillman Jr.?
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I think Christian just implied that he's... deliberately looking for opponents whose fathers are dead?

Anyway, the crowd in Detroit is allowing him zero oxygen to speak and it's wonderful.
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It was *such* a certainty that Moxley would blade for this match that he barely bothered to hide it, or maybe the camera was just accidentally positioned well to catch it.
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AEW: this is really a big night for fans of stipulations.
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This got cut from the airing. "You C[skip]." crowd oooooohs
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AEW: this is really a big night for fans of stipulations.

If AEW ever goes the WWE route of running stipulation-themed PPVs I hope that No Witches at Ringside is their biggest show of the year.
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I find myself wondering throughout this main event, Who is responsible for the barbed-wire-wrapped steel chair? I want to know the whole procedure after someone says "Hey, I got an idea...": Is there a prop person who gets assigned The Chair duties? Do they test it out before the match with someone in protective clothing? Is the guy who makes it the same guy who makes sure it's in the appropriate spot for one of the wrestlers to unveil? After the match, is it sterilized before being stored for history's sake?
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For those who were wondering, Don Callis saved Kenny twenty-four seconds before turning on him. Utterly craptastic.
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I hope that No Witches at Ringside is their biggest show of the year.

“No Creepy Witches” was Trent’s stipulation, so I guess that leaves the door open for Glinda and the Halliwells.
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