Mrs. Davis: Great Gatsby: 2001: A Space Odyssey
May 11, 2023 7:02 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

With the Lazarus Shroud secured, Simone and Celeste set sail on a perilous journey in pursuit of the Holy Grail; Wiley receives an unexpected offer from Mrs. Davis that could rewrite his future.
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Mrs. Davis Recap: In the Belly of the Beast [Vulture / Archive]
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I love the return to bonkers!

This is the only show I can recall in a long while that has made me audibly laugh out loud. I am enjoying this so much.

I mentioned to friends yesterday that mother’s get a hard ride in the series. Glad to see the show start to peel away at that a bit.

Betty Gilpin and Jake McDorman have done marvels in creating a relationship that’s part First Love and part siblings (which is understandable since they’ve known each other since grade school). Wiley’s aside to Simone after Simone’s mom told him he owed her a new couch was perfect.
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I have no idea where this show is going but 'm enjoying the ride and can't wait to see what's next.
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My partner did not pick up on the song at the end. Meanwhile, I started cackling with the first line. He was all "i don't get it." And I'm all "i don't think there's anything to get (other than Mrs Davis's creepiness), it's just ridiculous."
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One thing I'll say for this show is that they spent a decent amount of time thinking about what was in the mystery box, and why. Also, at first, I didn't believe that Simone could survive getting from the deep ocean to an island without oxygen. Then I decided that with this show, miracles happen, and I should just accept it.
Also, I had a dream that Elizabeth and Wiley were still in the hospital, in VR rigs, and Mrs. Davis was the program running the simulation. The reason that Elizabeth's dad is missing is that he feels guilty about her arrowing and refuses to enter the simulation. Destroying the grail would let MD shut down the simulation. I make no claims about it being accurate, but boy was it vivid.
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Mrs. Davis’s Chris Diamantopoulos Pushed for JQ’s Banana Hammock [Vulture / Archive]
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Alright, so now I’m thinking about the mom thing. There are obviously to two primary mom’s — Lizzie’s and Clara’s. And of course the reveal that the The Boss is capital M Mom.

But, every time someone proxies for Mrs. Davis, it’s a mom, or mom surrogate. I think. The last was the mother an infant in the diner, and then there was the woman who was reenacting Mary of The Pietà in Rome, and then there was Lizzie’s fake mom, and then first I think was her kindergarten teacher and who hasn’t slipped up and accidentally called their kindergarten teacher mom?? And even our Moby Dick here is a mother whale.

I know this is talked about as tech v relig, but I see so much more in it than that. The mom stuff (and yay for that, it’s about time we go there), and toxic masculinity and its comorbidity of literally just following a herd of other dudes to do a thing that I guess gives you prestige.

There’s so much in this show. I don’t even want to figure out where it’s going. I just want to drink in the bonkers and have fitting the pieces together in my spare time.
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It was interesting that the proxying glitch didn't happen with Wylie, so it's a specific message for Simone. Maybe leading to her father.
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Now featuring Shohreh Aghdashloo as The Big Boss.
I mean, I didn't need anything else from this show. I was in at Betty Gilpin and I'll follow Margo Martindale anywhere. Not only is Avasarala, er I mean, Aghdashloo accurate casting, it's believable.
I don't think I'll ever tire of the resistance and the love story between Wiley and JQR, especially the sweetness it's trying, (and failing) to hide.
When I think about it, that's pretty much the theme of this whole show - the lengths we'll go to for the ones we love.
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I love almost everything about this show, but the way Gilpen says "Jesus!" when she talks to J gets me every single time. So perfect.
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I chuckled way too hard at "I am Jack's last resort." Because of course Wiley and JQ can't have a solemn moment without a pre-built-in Fight Club reference being a part of it. That was perfect.

Also, I'm curious whether that's actually the last we see of Father Ziegler. Built up kind of a lot and then presumed dead from whale attack seems wild, though.
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Mrs. Davis’s Chris Diamantopoulos Pushed for JQ’s Banana Hammock [Vulture / Archive]

I'm not going to publicly doubt anyone's sword word about their exercise routine, but contra the "we were eating all day on set thing," I will admit that as soon as they started stripping I started cracking up about whatever "don't touch a carb all week" method the actors likely employed before filming one of the silliest scenes in (pretty ridiculous) the series.

Shohreh Aghdashloo is popping up in everything these days! I am always happy to see her, though. Showrunners/casting directors: They're Just Like Us. (They want to put Shohreh Aghdashloo into every show.)
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