The Great: Ice
May 23, 2023 3:54 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Catherine tries to persuade Peter to come home whilst Hugo re-doubles his attempts to regain his kingdom. Georgina continues to play her complicated court games.
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An amazing episode of television.
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One of the things that keeps me watching this show is that the entire crew just puts so much more love and effort into it than the material could possibly be worthy of. The sound design in that opening shot across the lake is terrific. It's a Chekhov's Gun accomplished almost entirely with foley work.
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The decision to play really hard into Catherine's automatic, necessary, desperate denial of Peter's death was very good. And her intense Peter-like, food-obsessed blathering, the sudden aggression, that affectionate/domineering/sexless kiss on Grigor's lips! Elle Fanning was so good in this episode.

Also I love how they've written Maxim?? Mature, but not quiiiite obnoxiously precocious.
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I couldn't believe it had happened.
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