Bob's Burgers: Amelia
May 24, 2023 8:02 AM - Season 13, Episode 22 - Subscribe

Louise takes a class assignment – and some unhelpful comments from Wayne – very personally.

"'Amelia' proves why the ladies in and out of Bob’s Burgers rule." -- Rebecca Mills, Hidden Remote

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Bob's Burgers is a very good show on an ongoing basis, but this episode -- which uses shadow puppetry and flashback to talk about misogyny and history and generations -- is an absolute banger. Seek it out if you don't regularly watch.
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This episode has a very Season Finale sort of feel, but either way it was an absolute delight. In a lot of regards, Bob's Burgers is kind of the spiritual successor to The Simpsons in the sense that early (good) Simpsons had a lot of heart and fondness for its characters, and this show takes such a remarkably humane approach to basically everyone in it.
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I would counter that Bob's Burgers is the spiritual successor to King of the Hill -- it is for all intents and purposes a live-action sitcom that happens to be animated, while The Simpsons always had that cartoonish sensibility to it where you can do literally anything, physics be damned.
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Bob's Burgers has stayed consistently good much longer than the Simpsons did.
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I got genuinely emotional watching this episode.

Usually I find "very special episodes" rather forced and artificial (see: the Brooklyn 99 misogyny episode) but this was very sweet and human and totally consistent with the show.
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