The Muppets Mayhem: Full Season
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Follow the Muppets’ very own house band, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, in their first-ever solo series as they attempt to record their very first album. Under the direction of Nora, a driven junior A&R executive tasked with managing and wrangling the mayhem that is The Electric Mayhem Band, the old-school Muppet band comes face to face with the current-day music scene as they try to finally go platinum. Streaming on Disney+

For decades, the Electric Mayhem has been touring the U.S. nonstop, making famous friends and fields of fans along the way. However, they've yet to record an album. To save a company on its last legs, Nora must get the band to deliver the album they took an advance on ages before.

However, troubles pop up at every turn (well, in every episode) - While the band battles past demons, reveals touching origin stories, and grapples with their creative insecurities Nora works to overcome her own challenges and deliver a chart smashing album to cement the band's legacy
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Some episodes were fantastic, some only so-so. In general, though, it was fun to watch. My basic takeaway is that I could watch the Electric Mayhem forever, but I could not bring myself to care about the human characters and their dumb love triangle or whatever.
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We binged this on Saturday and it was very enjoyable and fun. But it feels like it should have been a six-8 episode series. 10 episodes felt stretched out and I would have preferred if the entire cast was muppets. The idea that muppets are living side by side with humans is just so odd and distracting, go all in on the muppets!

The characters in the band were so good, so much fun, that the humans and their issues felt like they were stealing time from what was really interesting.
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Aren't Muppets side by side with humans in every movie and show they've ever done?
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Yes. I did not claim my wish was logical.
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It also weirdly bugged me that the humans were only allowed to be romantically involved with humans and the muppets with muppets. How have we regressed on this since Fozzie and Becky?

Anyway, I think having humans and muppets in the same show often works well. But it didn't here.
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Every muppet character shows more depth and range of emotion than all of the human characters put together. Animal continues to be far and away the best of the bunch.
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I’m maybe halfway through this series and am enjoying it! I didn’t really know what to expect but it’s fun and weird.
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This was fun. My kid liked it too; it's hard to find shows that we both enjoy to watch together. It seemed like they were setting it up for a second season at the end, I hope that they make one.
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I watched the first episode and wasn't all that wow-ed. Is it worth it to press ahead? I utterly love the Muppets and even liked the last series they did on ABC (in fact, I think the episode wih Kristin Chenoweth riding in the bus with the Mayhem was the best thing in the whole series). Kinda felt like the first episode of this show lacked the neceessary Muppet Energy.
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It does get better, briank.

In general, the more Mayhem in the episode, the more mayhem in the episode.
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Aren't Muppets side by side with humans in every movie and show they've ever done?

In the original Muppet Show (also on Disney+) humans exist only as guest stars invited into a world of muppets. The entire audience in the theatre is muppets. In Muppets Mayhem, the band is visiting a human world, a very different vibe.

(PS if you want to try the original show, seek out the Harry Belafonte episode, which I'm told was Henson's favorite)
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One thing I liked about the series was that, not only could they get a ton of famous cameos, but they actually made it a running gag for an episode.
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I'm 4 episodes in and enjoying it a lot more than I expected to given that I was always kinda meh about the Electric Mayhem back in the Muppet Show.

It's noticeable that there's not a lot of licensed music in this show about music -- there's even a cold-open gag about it -- but when they do deploy their one expensive song per episode it's often devastating; ohgod the Floyd/Animal Bridge over Troubled Water. Baby Animal. KEEP.

In Muppets Mayhem, the band is visiting a human world

What of Penny Waxman though? Isn't this more of a world in which Muppets and humans co-exist? (This was kind of the setup in the Jason Segel/Amy Adams Muppets movie, if I remember it rightly.)
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