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Anyone game for watching The Waltons? Old-school? Yes. Do I know how you can view it? No. but I know I can watch them all. Is this a crazy idea and maybe a bad fit for FanFare? Maybe, but here goes nothing.
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The Waltons airs every day on Hallmark and on ISP, a few times a day each. From what I can find of their weekday schedules, it airs at 4p and 8p EST every day on INSP (which I watch during the summer, when there's nothing on in prime time) and 5p, 6p, 7p, and 8p on Hallmark.

You'd have to figure out which one was closest to getting back to the beginning of the series. I caught one about two weeks ago, and Ben had just brought Cindy to meet the family after having eloped, so there's much of the war to get through before getting back to the beginning.

I've seen every episode enough times that I can discuss it, if you do something with this.
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