The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs: Animation Night
July 7, 2023 11:28 PM - Season 5, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Joe Bob shows Phil Tippett's Mad God and Perfect Blue.

Joe Bob interviews Tippett who took 30 years to complete Mad God and they also discuss his experiences working Paul Verhoeven, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas. He is the first Academy award winner to be on the show, according to JBB.

He also presents Perfect Blue, which Darcey calls a Disney giallo, and offers commentary about the late Satochi Kon who directed it.
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Missed this episode. Just want to say that I love the Joe Bob show. Some of his opening show, time-filler rants are annoying and I skip through them, but he usually has very interesting things to say about the films, the cast and crew, and even does interviews with some of the folks involved. For instance: He had a great interview with Roger Corman, a titan of B-Movie world during the film "Humanoids from the Deep." Was a fun movie to watch, too!

The show almost always features movies that are compelling to watch in one way or another. Some are just great movies (Train to Busan). Some are bad movies, but are at least bad in interesting ways. They generally do not run anything that's actually boring (which is by far the most prevalent and worst sin a B-movie can make). Only episode I turned off so far was the movie called "The Stuff," which was going for satirical horror, but was just bad, not funny and boring. Haven't watched all the seasons, but I intend to.

Oh, and skip "Cannibal Holocaust" unless you first do a deep dive into its content and still have an interest in watching it. Seriously. Skip it unless you research it first. I think they ran THREE disclaimers warning people about the film's content, and even Joe Bob says it's OK to skip that one, and still be considered a Drive-In Movie fan member. It's appalling (meant to be so) but genuinely appalling. Though I found it interesting to watch as an historical oddity, I would never watch it again.
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It's important to note Shudder offers a "just the joe bob segments" meaning you don't have to watch the film, you can just watch his commentary. Shudder started offering it with Cannibal Holocaust because lots of viewers object to watching that film, but they have extended it to all of the episodes. I'll save the rest of my commentary on Cannibal Holocaust for when I do that episode.

JBB shows a huge range of movies from Gator Bait to Mad God but even so there's really only one movie that's been on that I'm not interested in seeing again (Gator Bait-just not my thing) but still appreciated his commentary and insight.
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