Project Runway All Stars: Like Totally ’90s
July 18, 2023 10:27 AM - Season 20, Episode 6 - Subscribe

What goes around comes around! The style trends of the 1990s are flooding the runways in America and abroad. In this team challenge, the designers must create chic and cohesive mini collections inspired by the ’90s. For the first time, designers will take to the halls of an iconic New York City high school to showcase their styles - all while trying to impress ’90s icon and guest judge Jennie Garth. The pressure is on, and these teams will be totally buggin'. from Bravo's website

After a hectic shopping trip, it became clear that Laurence was a natural team leader for the Blues, while Kara Saun was the “fashion godmother” on the Reds side. At the end of the first day, Rami was “feeling the pressure,” while Fabio admitted his anxiety was “sky high.”

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I watched the first 4 episodes on Youtube but could not fine 5 or 6 until it occurred to me to check Prime. (Obligatory don't love Amazon comment - but I use Prime to send my elderly mom stuff many times per month) Anyway, I like this show and was willing to pay the $1.99 per episode or whatever - but it turns out those Prime credits I wasn't paying much attention to are good for covering these, so that was nice (in case this info helps anyone else).
posted by Glinn at 10:31 AM on July 18, 2023

I would have preferred to see Brittany go on this one.
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I'm sure it's just me, but when they said the challenge was '90s fashion, I was left clueless. I had no idea what represented fashion from that decade. I'm not a fashion plate by any means, but all I have to say is that their idea of '90s fashions had zero resemblance to what was I wearing in the 1990s. I mean, I guess that's my fault for not being a pop star or a rapper or something. I just had a boring job to pay my way through university (which usually saw me wearing heels and a skirt (or a dress), as the dress code was conservative) or I was in university (and not dressing in the latest trends) or working in a tech-adjacent industry where I was either in business casual (in the office) or a full suit if I had to meet with people. I went with pants and a matching jacket but a lot of other women went with short skirts, even though many of the guys were doing the khakis and polo-shirt thing.

Okay enough about me. I don't know what the judges saw when they said that orange, off-the-shoulder fit so well. It didn't. It was pulling all over the place. The concept was fine, but it needed to be adjusted and let out (or maybe cut differently).

That white trackpants outfit was solid, even if the zippered knee pockets were gimicky.

Laurence has skills. she can do magical things with leather.

I don't remember orange being quite so played up in the 1990s, but maybe in some alternate reality that isn't my world it was a huge hit.

The three outfits on the bottom were all pretty bad, for different reasons. Either of the bottom two would have been suitable choices for sending home.
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I think the winning team had better looks overall, but I didn't see much of the cohesion that the judges saw. Was orange the only thing tying them together? And not even the same shade.
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Yeah, I agree Brittany’s was worse than Kayne’s. Kayne’s corset was really, really good. I know that’s a skill not necessarily creativity but no matter how you look at it, his was not the worst. His cape was bad tho. Brittany’s was not good but last week was so good! I’d be surprised if Fabio survives next week, though I feel like the judges are judging him more harshly than others. (I think he’s the one who has been on the most episodes of All Stars? Maybe that’s related.)

I also have to agree I couldn’t really imagine what 90s style was. It was not my favorite decade so that could be why. But it made more sense when they talked about TLC, Gwen Stefani and Madonna.
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I don't know squat about 90s fashion, despite living through them. I did enjoy the fashion show. I thought everyone had a lot more energy than you usually see.
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Kayne vs. Brittany was a close call decided on perceived ongoing potential, I think. I also think they were too hard on Fabio's look.

Without the pockets on the knees, I think Prajje might have won, but that was certainly hella impressive construction from Laurence.

Annoyed that Korto was treated as the only one who needed to apologize to Anna, but glad she did anyway.
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One of the reasons I love British tv is the lovely responses of competitors as they leave gentle competition shows like GBBO - seeing *genuine* appreciation for their colleagues/competitors, the judges, the opportunity.

Kayne did America PROUD with that exit. “It’s been a pleasure. …some of you younguns, being able to *sew* like you can, it’s *amazing*.
…going out with grace is the way to go: that’s how Dolly would do it.”
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