Project Runway All Stars: S20E8 Uncut Hems
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The denim challenge results in more tears than Christian Siriano bargained for. This week’s denim challenge accomplishes what the “single bolt of red fabric” challenge, inexplicably, could not: It shows off the individual style of each remaining designer. When our (by this point, thoroughly exhausted) cohort arrive in Westport, Connecticut, to tour Christian’s latest outpost, he informs them that “every major designer”—himself included—is “doing denim.” Naturally, then, episode 8’s one-day challenge is to craft a head-to-toe look using only recycled jeans.

I am posting this episode as I watch it, because I hate when I think of something interesting to say but I forget because I watched the whole thing or a few days went by. But I’ll save my commentary for the comments! Also, this is true dedication because I am making this post on my iPad which is very annoying.
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Brittany was an idiot when she picked her Laurence as her opponent. Dumb, dumb, dumb. She got lucky that she still produced a look that was considered too good to be grouped with the rest of the losing looks. I will say, however, that I felt Laurence's pointy bust really let the look down given how floppy and sad-looking it was (I'm also not a fan of boob points, but I can at least acknowledge why the judges might like them.)

I'm betting Rami won't last past next week. I don't keep stats on these kinds of things, but my sense is the people who are saved very rarely go on to do really well (although I could be WAY off base in that assumption).

Anna's arrogance in not listening when she was first told "you have to wash bleach out" was annoying. Plus, I don't care if you've never worked with denim before, you have to be some kind of an idiot not to understand that you have to rinse bleach out of any fabric, but let me guess, she has never used bleach in her life either. [headshakes] (Although I am curious, are there driers in the workroom, because there is no way denim is drying overnight just by laying it out on a flat surface.)
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So I thought of something they could say when they had to pick their own challenger. Kara Saun handled it pretty well, but you could just say that though you planned to win, you picked someone you knew would kick ass so you wouldn’t need to feel guilty for getting someone eliminated.

As for Brittany, I think she said it was because Laurence favored leather, and she hoped the fact that leather was very different might make it harder on her. I did not love the evening gown and agree about the pointy boobs.

I think Korto or Bishmi should have won. Prajje got very lucky! I think his was the worst, the silhouette.

My recollection is that saved people often make the finals but I could be totally off, too. Also, I have missed a few seasons here and there.
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Also that stuff between Christian and Rami was so sweet! They were at the end on their season together. I do think Rami has struggled a few challenges but he could kill it.
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Sure, I get the thinking that it's not leather, but if you can tailor leather so perfectly, it's a pretty solid bet you'd be fine working with a heavy fabric like leather--I mean, it's not organza.

I totally agree that it's nice to see Rami and Christian have a moment, but the cynical part of me kept thinking, "well, Christian, you're a big deal now, how about giving your buddy a hand up or a really good job or something."
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It’s so annoying that no one publishes screen caps of each design anymore and Bravo has basically given up on the show.

I loved Laurence’s gown despite the bad fit on the boob cups (weirdly all the talk instead was about the lighter shade of denim and the studs on the sleeves).

Bishme’s shaggy jacket was great but the dress was basic. I’m sure he would’ve done more but it was a stupid one day challenge, particularly hard if you have to deconstruct the jeans and then reconstruct the material into fabric.

Brittany had a good idea using the shades of denim as color blocking but a puffer jacket is too clichéd at this point. Laughed when she chose Laurence on the basis that denim is different than leather.

The problem with Prajje’s jumpsuit is that it was all over sameness and it just looked thick and stiff. There was no focal point except for the infinity symbol over the bust. He needed more style lines to direct the eye.

The two Tim Gunn saves that I remember, Char—I think she lasted several more episodes—and Justin who made final three.
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I admire Laurence's technical skills to death (and have a soft spot for her confidence, even though the effects can sometimes be a little annoying), but the boob cups plus the lighter material in the bikini area made it look almost like she'd put a swimsuit over the gown, and not in a great way.

Would've been fine with a Korto win. I suspect that in a two-day challenge Bishme might've snuck past her because he would've had time (and hand strength!) to work on the dress under the "feathered" jacket.

I wonder if Anna actually understood what Korto was saying at the time. Her affect at that moment reminded me of me when I'm trying to BS my way through a conversation in a language in which my proficiency is limited. Only later in the evening did she realize what Korto had been telling her.

(The little craft-services sequences are so sad...the budget is gone.)

Called the Siriano save!
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