The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart (2023)
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Doc’s latest invention will either bankrupt Team Venture or launch them to new heights, and a mysterious woman threatens to bring the world crashing down on Dean, Hank and The Monarch.

Still mad the greenlit 8th season got cancelled, but looking forward to the conclusion of the adventures of Team Venture nonetheless.

From Titmouse Studios, created by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, The Venture Bros has taken 20 years since the premiere of its pilot to get through 7 glorious seasons to this conclusion.
Go Team Venture! (twitter link to Jackson Publick - Team Venture SAG-AFTRA graphic - nitter alt link)

Where to buy or stream.
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My blu-ray is en route, so I'll be back once I've seen it!
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New chapo has a short interview with them both, but I'm not sure if it's premium only. regardless itll be on a restream channel soon enough.
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I initially balked at having to "buy" a whole digital copy just to watch, but I remembered that I had an Amazon gift card left over from Christmas so I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

(I also have a copy of the Blu-ray winging its way to me from a store that isn't funding Jeff's space program, thank you)

I kinda loved it? It's as close to an ending as I could ever imagine, even if it doesn't definitively end the story of the world or the characters. I might have some spoilery thoughts later, but I'm happy to just let folks watch and absorb as they will for now.
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Zardoz Orpheus bestowing the deepest wisdom about forgiveness and family.
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Help me out now, who was clones and who was bros?
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Hank letting go of Enrico et al.

Doc’s moment of clarity and his landing spot.

It was about sisterhood all along? Sheila + Debra 4eva.

“oh wait that time he was dead in a ditch”

Loved and respected all the answers.
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Hank and Dean are brothers but they are also clones. Malcom and Rusty are not brothers but they are clones. Also it is unclear if Rusty is the original Rusty or a clone. Hank and Dean are able to fulfill certain prophecies as they were not born of a woman. I hope this movie is very sucesssful and leads to more Venture Brothers.
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I think it's implied that Debra's technically Hank & Dean's biological mother, where her ova were Rusty's payment for transferring the invisibility.
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I was impressed with the quality of the animation.

The one joke that got me rolling on the floor laughing, "Liar! Pants Aflame!" Something about how casual it is for both of them got to me.
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I love that Dermott has taken on the Venture family business of selling bits an bobs from Jonas' old equipment.
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I love that Dermott has taken on the Venture family business of selling bits an bobs from Jonas' old equipment.

His scavenger hut was a trove of callbacks, and when he and Hank nudge around the grungy dome with the hoses I was immediately trying to figure out where it came from... and then the post-cred scene revealed all.

Another favorite moment, when the Punisher spoof (by the credits, I think his name is Tough Love?) showed up to talk about his battlewagon being boxed in, his outfit doesn't have a skull printed on the shirt, he fully commits to having a whole-ass skeleton strapped to his body.

A tragic moment - H.E.L.P.eR. gets extremely disassembled by the magnetic fields at the end... and then we don't see it again afterward?? Model Two is helping host the group at Ben's while everyone convalesces, but I don't recall our best blue boy cropping up after the landing (aside from the flashback). I'm sure the boys wouldn't let their stalwart protector languish in bits, but it would have been nice to have at least a nod to a repair in progress.

An absolutely delicious finale, and the only downside was that there wasn't more of it. We got a brief shot of Radical Left at the council meeting, and they didn't even have a line! It seemed like there was going to be more with Brickfrog 2.0 (skills now include more than just brick throwing and frog being!), but I guess it was cut to tighten up the narrative.
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In the bonus interview with John Hodgman, they mention that at least some of the plot points are compressed from what would have been season 8. Hanks journey of discovery would have played out across most of the season, for instance.

I think that Operation PROM & All This and Gargantua-2 were stronger "endings" but this was still a lovely elegy.
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It's such a complete and lived-in world. A pleasure to revisit.
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I hope this movie is the start of many more but I suspect this is the end. Sigh
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Dr Venture: Clone of Rusty
The Monarch: Clone of Rusty + ape DNA
Jonas Venture Jr.: ???
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Jones Venture Jr = side effect of Rusty being cloned/ressurrcted so often. It’s never directly stated (I don’t think) but the same cloning tech that Rusty uses to keep making new Hanks and Deans is actually repuposed from the systems Jonas Venture used to keep ressurecting Rusty, because “boy adventurer” tends to be very dangerous and doesn’t have a high survival rate.
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Oh thank god they finally got this done with—I just found out about it and watched it immediately. Now I won't have to wait YEARS to see if they'll ever get another season together and aired. thank god the waiting is DONE with this show.

Yeah, I think they tied up the right overarching threads for the right characters simply and well, while introducing new wrinkles and motives during the arc of this one show, and tying those up, too. They focused on the main characters, leaving things open to the future for everyone—shit will still happen as usual in their universe.

The rest of the show—I can't call this a movie, it's more like a final special, if it were music it'd be a final EP—the rest of the show was simply a procession of characters and short flashbacks we remember from HOW MANY YEARS AGO, and we chuckle at the subtle in-jokes, and we get to see them one last time as they pass by.

But I am glad this ended how it ended. Right threads, right character arcs, remembering stuff, bye bye. That's how a TV show ends correct.
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Sad there was no final appearance from Augustus St. Cloud to irritate Billy.
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