Special Event: 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup: Matchday 2
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Wait, it's Matchday 2 already! Join us as the teams overcome their first group stumbles/continue the upset/hold on for another round (strike out as needed).

FIFA has you covered with the schedules for upcoming games.
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Not to offend any Kiwis here, but way to go Philippines.
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I don't really care if Canada gets a result or not I just want them to play better. I watched the entirety of the first match against Nigeria and they weren't good at all. I really like our jerseys, much better than the men's team.
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Japan is the first to two wins. If Spain wins later tonight the Japan/Spain game will be to see who wins Group C and who is the runner-up (Group C faces Group A in the round of 16). It could end up being a mirror of the men's World Cup in 2022 when Japan and Spain finished atop Group E (and Costa Rica was there too!).
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Spain wins and that means Japan and Spain are the first two countries to advance to the knockout stage.
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Canada look wholly outclassed here. Just a nightmare first half; the crowd (is Perth in County Galway?), the torrential rain, the well-organized Irish. That McCabe corner, just incredible. We're lucky to be even with that own goal. Hopefully the squad gets themselves a little more organized and a little more of an attack here.
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But then the second half; that was a real game of two halves. The first 45 minutes of quality soccer from Canada; now we have a decent shot to make it out of the group. Sad that Ireland are out; Katie McCabe is so talented, but it's not called the Group of Death because it's very fair and only bad teams will be eliminated.
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Yes, I'm hoping we'll see more of the 2nd half Canada as the tournament progresses. If we don't then I guess the tournament won't progress for Canada anyway. Also, the white jerseys are nowhere near as nice as the red ones.
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I only saw the 2nd half of the Canada-Ireland game, and it looked wet and miserable. Weather appears much nicer for US-Netherlands.

Apparently this US-Netherlands game is the first time in FIFA Women’s World Cup history that the two finalists from the previous tournament meet in the group stage. The Netherlands went unbeaten during its qualifying campaign for the World Cup, while outscoring the opposition by a combined margin of 31-3. Could be a really good match!
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Dutch dominated the first half; US is lucky to only be down 1.

It'll be interesting to see what adjustments the US makes for the second half.
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US seem just a bit out of sync. Passes are going to where someone should be running, but isn't.
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I guess getting literally all the corner kicks will eventually pay off, though.
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Couldn't watch the game - stupid employment! - but just saw the Australia-Nigeria score. Sorry Matildas, but so excited for the Super Falcons!
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Australia-Nigeria has been an incredible game of football. And on some level I’m happy to see 11 more minutes of a quality match, but those minutes will feel very long for the Nigerian supporters.
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…and much, much too short for fans of the Matildas, of course.
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Watched the highlights of AUS-NGA; it's always a good sign when the first play shown in the highlight is a goal in injury time of the first half. An exciting game, and I'm glad for the Super Falcons...

... but if Australia had won, Canada could go in to the final group match knowing that Australia had qualified and we could move on as long as the game was close and Nigeria didn't destroy Ireland. Now, instead, we need a win or a draw, or Ireland to run up the score against Nigeria. And we're playing an Australia that's at home, fighting for their lives, with Sam Kerr probably back in the lineup. I know that to be the best, you've got to beat the best, but this is a stiff stiff challenge; hopefully second-half-against-Ireland Canada show up; it'll be a long four years otherwise.
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Looks like Nigeria and Canada are having similar tournaments so far. Their first 3 halves of football were fairly poor but ended with a stoppage time equaliser, followed by one good half of football that's put them in a decent position to advance. Going into the final match only Ireland has nothing except pride to play for and I wouldn't be particularly surprised by any result in either of the games so there's the promise of drama if nothing else.
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Ooh, I did not remember the Netherlands were in the final last time. That makes me feel better about what a terrible time the US had against their defense.
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The US broadcaster is putting the Argentina-South Africa match on the cable station I don't have access to. But, I can watch the Telemundo broadcast, so it's Copa Mundial time!
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I didn't see the day 1 matches, but I'm thinking group G is the hard one.
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Australia is having some Feelings about Tony Gustavsson right now. 'Oh we need some speed in the counterattack , let's sub off Vine and Raso'. Anyway, Nigeria were just too good and I can see them being powerhouses in the finals should they make it out of the group.

Canada! We're coming for you with our questionable tactical choices!
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It’s always odd how quickly a match can flip. Italy were comfortably the better side, but then Sweden got a single goal from a corner and Italy just fell apart and Sweden scored two more before halftime.
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The France-Brazil game was really good. I like Brazil, but I admit I'm kind of cheering for Jamaica to sneak into the round of 16.
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I think it’s been my favorite match so far. Open without being out of control. There were few mistakes, and they were punished.
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Oh geez, that was heartbreaking for New Zealand. The Swiss played like a team who knew that a draw would see them through to the 2nd round, and the Football Ferns didn’t find a breakthrough.
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Speaking of heartbreak, I can’t be the only neutral who had become a wholly committed supporter of Colombia. What a performance by the Cafeteras, and what amazing skill by Linda Caicedo. It’ll take some strike to dislodge that from being the goal of the tournament.
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Waaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I hereby apologize to the entirety of the Colombian nation for having doubted their team.
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Wow Colombia!

Ok, so group A is settled.

Australia needs a win over Canada or the host nations are both out.

A few teams through, just waiting to see if they're first or second in their group, but still plenty of spots up for grabs yet in this last set of group games. CNN recap of where all the groups stand.
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I’m traveling; somebody feel free to set up a Matchday 3 post. Looking forward to the next round!
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Oh wow, Caicedo‘s goal was amazing.
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Match day 3 post up - thanks for the nudge Liesl!
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That was such a stellar goal from Caicedo; there's two German defenders who think they have her only to find out they don't; how subtle the start is and how vicious the shot is.
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