Special Event: 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup: Match Day 3
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Find out who makes it to the Round of 16!

FIFA has results and upcoming schedules.
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Okay, in today’s/tonight’s matches, both Spain and Japan are already through and are playing for first place in their group, while any of two Nigeria, Canada, and Australia can qualify, depending on who wins.
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[extremely youth pastor voice] yes, after a long despairing period of grief and shock, Sam Kerr is coming back after three matches to save Australian chances. But do you know who else
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Not for the first time I’ve messed up the schedule of an international tournament, so I turned on the television thinking I’d be seeing the kickoff of Japan-Spain and was very confused to see the score Japan 4-0 Spain. At first I thought it was a clip from a previous match they were showing for context, but then… wow!

Nadeshiko Japan have really showed themselves as contenders for the title, and La Roja will need to go back to the drawing board before their next match.
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[teeth clench in Australian]
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That was a weird performance from Canada. Even after the four changes at half time, they seemed subdued.

But congratulations to Australia and Nigeria! Both teams could go deep into the tournament.
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Today/tonight's games are interesting. If I've gamed this out right, in Group E USA has to win or tie to ensure passing through, with Netherlands and Portugal also still in contention. In Group D, England is through unless Denmark and China both win by more than 2 goals.

I think ... ?

... someone better check my math.
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Well, the game was on at 4 AM here in Canada, and I'm pretty glad I didn't wake up for that. I just watched the 7+ minute highlights package, which showed exactly one touch of the ball by a Canadian player in the Australia end (Ashley Lawrence giving the ball away to Raso to start the movement on the goal overruled by the goal line VAR shmozzle).

Gutted that Christine Sinclair's career is ending with such a whimper; how momentous her saved penalty vs. Nigeria is in retrospect. But looked like a masterclass from the Matildas, and as someone said, it's not called the Group of Death because it's very fair and only bad teams will be eliminated. Now that my home team is eliminated, I can just cheer for beautiful play.
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... someone better check my math
If China beats England by a goal, China's goal differential goes from 0 to +1, and England's goes from +2 to +1, so they would be tied on both points and goal differential. And it would be a three-way tie on points and goal differential if Denmark also wins by a goal. In fact, if the scorelines are China 1 - 0 England and Denmark 1 - 0 Haiti, I believe England, China, and Denmark would be equal on the first six tiebreaker values, so it would come down to fair play points (yellow and red cards), where China currently would be the team that doesn't advance thanks to earning a red card. There's also a chance of a similarly tight three-way race for second between Denmark, China, and Haiti if both Haiti and England win.
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I got up at 3 am local time to watch the US-Portugal match, hoping for a good game and fearing the US would take another loss and not make it out of the group stage. Neither of those things came to pass, heh.

USWNT has just looked dull and disconnected this tournament, so it's hard to imagine them pulling it together to beat Sweden (almost certainly) in the round of 16. Would be happy to be proven wrong; maybe they've had a rousing speech in the locker room and are onto the training/tactics montage stage of their journey. Maybe Vlatko will even use all his subs!

Luckily there are a number of other teams still in it who have been fun and energizing.

Lionesses are having a good half vs China so far.
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China looking very well drilled, I think they would have been a much tougher proposition for the England team of four years ago but this team are sharper and fitter. England look to have quite a bit height and weight advantage, and a few more tricks up their sleeves. Still not looking as sharp as they did last year though?
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China's goal seems to have re-energised them.
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Oh dear, stinker of an error for the Chinese keeper.
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11 minutes of injury time? biffa needs a wee...
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This coverage makes it looks like they are playing in the Arctic. All the subs bench and crowd shots and they're all in blankets and coats pulled tight. Better than Qatar I suppose.
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So for today/tonight's games, it's complicated again:

In Group F, France, Jamaica, and Brazil are all in the running, the latter two playing each other. If Jamaica and Brazil tie AND France looses by 3 or more points than the other two scored, then Jamaica and Brazil advance. If Jamaica wins, then it's them and France. If Brazil wins and France doesn't lose, then it's those two. If Brazil wins and France loses, then we go to the goals scored to work out the tie between France and Jamaica, and France has currently scored one more goal than Jamaica.

Group G, Sweden's already in, with the other three still in contention. If Italy beats South Africa, they advance; if Italy ties SA and Sweden beats or ties Argentina, Italy also advances; if Italy and Argentina both lose, SA advances; if Italy loses and Argentina wins, then it's down to goals scored, and Argentina has the one-goal advantage here.

.... I think?
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Hoo, boy, I went to bed and then set an alarm for the US-Portugal game. Fox Sports, even though I had been logged into the app happily watching other matches three hours before, got stuck in some loop and wouldn't load on the Apple TV. Then I went to my laptop and it said the match wasn't in my plan, which is definitely not true since it's on a local over-the-air network. The TV then got a bit unstuck and required me to log in again with a code, and at least that started the broadcast during the anthems. Eventually both the TV and laptop worked but it did not seem like Fox was running its most effective stream this morning.

Unfortunately the streaming struggles ended up being a metaphor for the performance of the US. I know they're in the middle of a big generational change but they don't even look like the same people. Except for the first couple minutes there just was no coordination. I've watched Sophia Smith make incredible moves and shots all year for the Portland Thorns, and that wasn't happening. The Olympics was just two years ago! And I also don't get why Andonovski wasn't using his subs. If one group isn't doing it, try another one.

It was a shame seeing Lavelle get sidelined because of a tackle that she tried very hard to avoid, but that wasn't even the fifth worst thing about this match. Sigh. Still glad I woke up, but things aren't going very well for the US right now.
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Gotta recommend watching at least the highlights of the Netherlands game, especially if you're into long, bendy, pinpoint volleys. Esmee Brugts scored one at 18 minutes that looked like the goal of the tournament, but 40 minutes later she made it look like the goal of the first half.
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I’m finally in a place where the matches aren’t in the middle of the night! Allez les Bleues!
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Sorry for Marta et al, but woo Reggae Girlz!

A reminder of pre-tournament rankings, plus a ranking that's already outdated from yesterday, now that 3/4 of the round of 16 matchups are set.
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Jamaica vs Brazil wahooo!
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Panama vs France..
6 - 3 to France !
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Anyone know who Jamaica plays next and when that match will be ?
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Jamaica plays the winner of group H on August 8th (not sure if that link will adjust the time zone for you or not...). Right now, that looks most likely to be Colombia, if they win or draw vs Morocco.
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Golly, Group H is a complicated one. Colombia are leading, and Morocco and Germany are fighting for second place -- those are the two teams with the most to play for (and I'm writing from their perspective).

The straightforward path forward is if Germany and Morocco have different results -- if one wins and the other loses, one wins and the other draws, or if one draws and the other loses. In those cases, Colombia and whichever of Germany and Morocco have the better result go forward. (For instance, if Morocco draws and Germany wins, then Germany goes through; if Morocco draws and Germany loses, then Morocco goes through.)

In principle, if the two teams have the same result, then it will go to tiebreakers. If they both win, then Colombia, Germany and Morocco will be level and two of the three will go on. If they both draw, then Colombia will go through, and a tiebreaker will decide between Germany and Morocco. If they both lose, then Colombia will go through, and a tiebreaker will decide between Germany, Morocco and South Korea.

The thing, though, is that the first tiebreaker is overall goal differential, and right now Germany are +5, Colombia are +3, Morocco are -5 and South Korea are -3. That means that if both Germany and Morocco draw, then Germany must by definition still have a better goal differential and will go through. (The second tiebreaker is total goals for, where the ranking is COL-GER-MOR-SK.)

In the case where they both win and it's a Colombia-Germany-Morocco tie for first, then Germany must be +6 and are easily the winner (and this is the only way that Germany win the group); Morocco would have to beat Colombia by 5 goals to advance past them.

In the case where they both lose and it's a Germany-Morocco-South Korea tie for second, then Morocco will be out no matter what, and South Korea would have to beat Germany by 5 goals to advance past them.
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Gosh. Phew! I wound up watching the replays of each game semi-simultaneously; first up to the half, then to the 70th minute, then to stoppage time. What a shocker! A couple of the other eliminated favourites (Canada, Brazil) were looking a little lacklustre, but Germany looked so strong, with Popp scoring at will.

The Germany-South Korea game went 16 minutes into stoppage, so Morocco had a period where their game was over but the other was still playing, and a dying-second German goal would have reversed the outcomes. If you haven't seen it, I recommend this video of the Moroccan women huddling around someone's phone and finding out.

I'm thinking of making a post on the blue now that we're through the group stage, but then link it to a corresponding Fanfare post for live game discussion. Thoughts?
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I think that would be good.
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Agreed a post on the blue is a good idea. There's tons of people who never look at fanfare. Thanks Superilla!

Can't believe Germany's out. Good for Morocco and Colombia; I'll have to watch the highlights later!
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Sounds like a good idea Superilla. Maybe worth asking for something on the front page sidebar also?
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