Party Girl (1995)
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Mary has a passion for fashion and nightlife, but when she gets arrested for throwing an illegal rave she turns to her aunt for bail Money. Aunt Judy arranges for Mary to work at the library, but can a party girl adjust to this highly organized environment?

While Mary attempts to adjust to working in a library, she begins a romance with Mustafa, a food cart vendor who wants to continue his career as a teacher in the US. But transitioning away from her party lifestyle comes at a price: her rent.
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This movie is basically a vehicle for Parker Posey to just be delightfully herself.
posted by miss-lapin at 1:33 PM on August 1, 2023

Haven't seen this in a very long time but I remember enjoying this a lot (and just about everything else Parker Posey is in).
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Formative influence! But I will never be as cool as Parker Posey, and no one will be. Such a gem of a film.
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heh heh hello

i love this movie to pieces. and the soundtrack (which doesn't appear to be available on Tidal) is fantastic.

"a trained monkey learned this system in a matter of hours! recode it!"
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I tried for years to layer 3/4 length tees because Parker Posey did in this movie.

I worked in a library in college maybe partially in part of this movie lol.
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It didn’t make people into librarians in the 90s/00s, but every library school student watched it at some point during their schooling. I wonder what the new generation of librarians think about it?
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It makes an excellent double feature with Desk Set.
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what an enticement to revisit some of Hal Hartley's films.

now there's a director who knew how to cast Parker Posey
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If memory serves me right, this was the first movie to debut on the Internet. Wikipedia corroborates.
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