Conceiving Ada (1997)
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[TRAILER] Emmy Coer (Francesca Faridany), a computer genius, devises a method of communicating with the past by tapping into undying information waves. She manages to reach the world of Ada Lovelace (Tilda Swinton), founder of the idea of a computer language and proponent of the possibilities of the “difference engine.” Ada’s ideas were stifled and unfulfilled because of the reality of life as a woman in the nineteenth century. Emmy has a plan to defeat death and the past using her own DNA as a communicative agent to the past, bringing Ada to the present. But what are the possible ramifications?

Also starring Timothy Leary, Karen Black.

Directed and co-written by Lynn Hershman-Leeson.

82% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Available in its entirety on YouTube. JustWatch.

hanov3r was kind enough to support MeFi with a donation. Their request was for six films about time travel. bent back tulips also donated to MeFi and is interested in sci-fi thrillers, so I'm doubling down on this one, which is helpful since there are a lot of good films available. I'll be using the tag #timetravellin

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This is one I have not personally seen, but it looks rad so I'll likely watch it tonight.
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"best" quote from the film: "it seems that the uterus is destroyed all that mathematics is just too much
for your body you brought it on yourself all we can do is to make you comfortable"
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haven't watched this since i saw it at a film festival when it came out. i remember being disappointed at the time but i should revisit it... i bet there's more there than young me could see. i do remember loving Tilda tho thinking they didn't give her much of a script to work with.
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