Future Cops (1993)
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[TRAILER] In the year 2043, an evil crime lord is trying to take over the world. Only one government official stands in his way, and plans to send him to prison, so The General and his minions Kent, Thai King, and Toyota travel to the year 1993 to kill the official before he has a chance to get into office. During a battle with The General's minions, the Future Cops Lung, Broom Man Ti Man, and Ah-Sing hear of their evil plan and devise a plan of their own to travel back in time to protect the official.

Starring Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Richard Ng, Aaron Kwok, Chingmy Yau, Ekin Cheng, Simon Yam, Dicky Cheung Wai-Kin, Charlie Yeung, Kingdom Yuen, Andy Hui, Winnie Lau Siu-Wai, Billy Chow, Dennis Chan Kwok-San, Natalis Chan, William Duen, Ken Lo, Fanny Leung.

Written and directed by Wong Jing. A Hong Kong Production in Cantonese and English.

Available in its entirety on YouTube with English subtitles. JustWatch.

hanov3r was kind enough to support MeFi with a donation. Their request was for six films about time travel. bent back tulips also donated to MeFi and is interested in sci-fi thrillers, so I'm doubling down on this one, which is helpful since there are a lot of good films available. I'll be using the tag #timetravellin

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This is for people who love Hong Kong excess, Power Ranger-level camp, and general silliness.
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Traveling back in time to teenage me to tell her, if you're watching this for Aaron Kwok, forget it. For scheduling reasons he'll only show up for 5 mins.
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This is one of the best HK action-comedies I have ever seen, even if it spends like half its runtime being a goofy high school comedy instead. It's a better Street Fighter movie than the actual Street Fighter movie!

I host a weekly movie stream for some like-minded HK trash aficionados and this is a collective favorite. We recently re-watched it on July 1 because that was the 30th anniversary of the date the time machine was set to.

(Also as a PSA, there's a Blu-Ray HD release of this floating around now.)
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