The Lure (2015)
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Two mermaid sisters, who end up performing at a nightclub, face cruel and bloody choices when one of them falls in love with a beautiful young man.

This Polish horror musical is yet another reworking of The Little Mermaid. Set in the 80s, two mermaids, Golden and Silver, encounter a band on the beach. They follow the band to a nightclub and start performing there themselves. Silver falls in love with one of the band members and even sacrifices her tail to be with him. Meanwhile Golden murders a bar patron and begins to thirst for blood.

Directed by Agnieszka SmoczyƄska
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You left out that this is also a musical, with kickass musical scenes.

It's very fun, until it's suddenly not, which really what the story is about. The mermaids naively think they are accepted as themselves, but everyone really just wants to exploit them.
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This was an absolutely wild trip of a film when I saw it last year - the effervescent musical scenes melding with the dour background lives of many characters giving almost a Dancer in the Dark kind of vibe (but not THAT depressing), the feral urges of the sisters trying their hardest to fit into a world they are not of, the frequently comic beats blending with the horniness and gore before becoming a profoundly, cuttingly emotional finale... just so much going on in this.
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You left out that this is also a musical, with kickass musical scenes.

Right under the fold is "This Polish horror musical."
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Watched it when it came out on video. It was the best Polish horror musical I saw that month.
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