Reservation Dogs: Maximus
August 4, 2023 8:23 AM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Bear is at a crossroads.
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Graham Greene! (What more is there to say?)
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Graham Greene! (What more is there to say?)

Eggplants for the star people?
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This episode, man. Starts out with a White ghost threatening Bear and moves on to the ways colonialist institutions really fucked people like Maximus up.

There was for sure Meaning to Bear going through a tunnel to escape the limbo of Maximus's homestead. Stripped of cultural context, Bear's speaking to the unseen could put him in the same places Maximus has ended up. He's going onto the next phase but where is he going next? Has he embraced his gift or has leaving Limbo stripped him of his gift? Wait and see!

Yes I was an English major. Ask me about my theories about masculinity and femininity in Jane Eyre.
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I liked him stuffing eggplants in his bag. Could do worse for a snack.
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When the shot showed the cops instead of some interestingly dressed people,, the star people thing totally made sense.
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ALeaflikeStructure: Graham Greene! (What more is there to say?)

Bull butter!
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Characters like Maximus are so sad for me to watch. So intelligent and empathetic and utterly unable to function in wider society.

We all lose so much from this.
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…and utterly unable to function in wider society.

But he doesn’t want to! He even said, “I don’t like people.” For me, the sad part is that he’s not allowed to live how and where he wants. As long as he’s capable of caring for himself, I think he should be able to live as he chooses. There have always been people who occupy the edges. Should be a place for them, too.
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