Bulbbul (2020)
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[TRAILER] Set in 20th Century Bengal, Bulbbul is a mystery and fable about a young woman's journey from innocence to strength. Bulbbul, a child bride, grows up to be an enigmatic woman presiding over her household, harboring a painful past as the supernatural murders of men plague her village.

Starring Tripti Dimri, Rahul Bose, Avinash Tiwary.

Written & directed by Anvita Dutt. An Indian production in Hindi.

83% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently playing on Netflix. JustWatch.

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Well, you know I had to fit a horror film onto this list.
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This was Anvita Dutt's debut film! It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm always down for a feminist twist on folklore. Bulbbul is a pichal peri/churel/chuá¹›ail/chudail who take the form of a beautiful woman with long hair and only their backwards feet giveaway of their true nature.
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