Loudermilk: Season 3: Full Final Season
August 14, 2023 8:47 AM - Season 3 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Loudermilk continues to lead his Sober Friends Group while trying to take care of his baby brother who was abandoned by his mother.

Family takes a front seat this season and as such more attention is focused on Mugsy (stand up comedian Brian Regan).

Starring Ron Livingston as the titular Loudermilk, Will Sasso as Loudermilk's friend/ former sponsor/roommate Ben, and Anja Savcic as Loudermilk's former sponsee/former roommate Claire. Featuring Brian Regan and Mat Fraser as Mugsy and Roger. Created by Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort.
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I always hate it when a show just abruptly ends without resolution. The series ending with Mugsy in full crisis and Clyde back with his terrible parents just hurts my heart. But I am not as talented as the show writers so you'll forgive my head cannon. I just want to believe Mugsy gets back on the wagon and begins again to repair his relationship with his kids. Loudermilk hands the group temporarily to Ben so he can do a book promotion tour, facing new challenges. Ben accepts New Guy (Hamish) as his new roommate. Ultimately Loudermilk's father's marriage implodes and Loudermilk takes Clyde. Realizing that both he and the group have progressed, Loudermilk moves to LA with Clyde and reconnects with Lizzie. He embarks on a career as a sober companion while working on his next book. Ben leads the group.
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