Project Runway All Stars: B.O.A.T.
August 14, 2023 10:58 AM - Season 20, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Project Runway collides with Below Deck for the infamous client challenge. ELLE Magazine's write-up (with spoilers).
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After last year's disaster with the various Real Housewives, it was neat to see this year's client challenge have such a positive turnout. I think most of the final uniforms were pretty awesome. I don't quite agree that Anna's was the bottom. (without pictures to jog my memory, I can't quite recall which one I'd have chosen to go home.)
posted by hydra77 at 1:29 PM on August 14, 2023

I happened to disagree with the guest judges that a big, honking, white anchor on the back of a jacket was the epitome of nautical fashion. That would have been the one element I would have yanked off that look (whichever it was). But then again, as a much younger person, I spent more than my fair share of time in marina stores and chandleries, so I've seen a lot of anchors on a lot of stuff and very little of it was high fashion.

It also killed me that there was criticism for the female captain wearing a captains' hat because that was part of "too much" design. Nope, sorry, that's part of uniform, and often has a very practical function as well (sun shade for the hat and anti-glare for the eyes).

Ana's was pretty bad, and I wasn't upset to see her go home.
posted by sardonyx at 2:50 PM on August 14, 2023

I didn't hate Anna's, but they were right that it didn't read "captain."

Kind of amazed that they praised the practicality of neoprene. Rubber is sweaty.
posted by praemunire at 9:09 PM on August 22, 2023

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