Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Windbreaker City (alt. title: Hostages)
February 8, 2015 7:38 PM - Season 2, Episode 15 - Subscribe

When the Nine-Nine are invited to take part in an action-packed Homeland Security training exercise (run by guest star Nick Kroll), it seems like a great way for Jake to vent his frustration after breaking up with Sophia. But there's just one catch: They're playing the hostages. But soon the tables are turned, Gruber-style...
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The very first reverse-shot with Kroll looking at Jake I knew where that was going to go. I am torn between thinking that Jake would have anticipated that if he'd been fully on his game and thinking that he could never think of anyone other than himself as McClane.

And the final bit with him and Sophia further makes me sad at this direction. They seem like a great match and this split... eh.

Anyone else wish we'd had more Kroll?
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I think there was some dairy in that cheesecake I had for breakfast.
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I am glad this show is back — it makes me laugh really consistently, and both writing and performances felt spot-on in this episode. Love the handling of Gina and Holt being in the same psychological category, and also Santiago and Rosa's last scene: "[whispers in awe] ...power pose...!"

I am still sort of confused by Rosa's relationship... I guess it is sort of fitting for her character to have a semi-secret boyfriend that she rarely mentions and we never see, but it always feels a little tacked-on whenever he gets brought up.
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