Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Wednesday Incident
February 15, 2015 7:55 PM - Season 2, Episode 16 - Subscribe

When Capt. Holt's sour mood puts the whole 99th Precinct on notice, Jake and Gina take some time to investigate the cause. Meanwhile, Boyle catches a notorious bank robber -- who turns out to be an adorable, yet altogether devious, senior citizen (very special guest star Garry Marshall).
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Peralta, you're a genius!

I did love their detailed investigation into what made Holt so mad. Answer: a SLIGHT stabbing...

I also loved their glee at being gifted with rock paintings.
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This is admittedly kind of a tweener episode, one that (minus the references to Peralta and Diaz's personal relationships) could probably have been slotted in anywhere in the season. But interestingly, it does work as a microcosm of the Peralta/Holt relationship, with Jake intently breaking through the walls that Holt carefully builds around himself.
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Also, Garry Marshall, who I now realize is now only one degree of separation (via Andy Samberg) from Paul F. Tompkins, who does a deeply enjoyable impersonation of him on Comedy Bang Bang. PLEASE, CALL ME GARRY!
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I was so glad they didn't make Holt the victim of a mugging. That would have been a believable turn for the plot to take, but it would have made this a story about victimization and overcoming shame. Those aren't themes I want anywhere near the awesomeness that is Captain Holt. So, I was so glad when we got to find out he kicked ass! And he did! That little sequence, where he takes the muggers all down, was so bad-ass.

Holt: he's the bad-assedest.
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I loved that Boyle really was a great cop in this one, embodying the police work that doesn't get into the cool movies ever and still being the best Boyle-cop Boyle can be, and he wasn't playing the fool to Peralta's... king goof.
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The closing bit about the rock paintings had me and my wife in stitches for several minutes after the PVR recording ended. We just sat there laughing out loud.

Samberg's comedic skills were on full display here.

The only flaw in the epsiode was I didn't buy that Diaz would be reeled in by Marshall's dottering old man routine. Santiago for sure, but Diaz is too much of a cynic for that. I feel like some combination of Diaz, Santiago, and Gina far too often get stuck with the C plot (Terry too, but less often), and it often makes for awkward pairings.

But it's a minor complaint in what was otherwise a really fun episode.
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So Jake hitting on the male art instructor was a bit of a surprise.
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