Scandal: Where's the Black Lady?
February 9, 2015 6:32 AM - Season 4, Episode 11 - Subscribe

With Olivia still missing, the team comes together to do whatever it takes to find her and get her home safely.
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Way to go, Liv! You managed to get yourself sold into the human trafficking market just before your team of crack gladiators spies and your hot non-boyfriend found you, based on the ring that you dropped in your neighbor's house and hid under the rug! Why on earth would you give them a day or two to puzzle that out?

Also, your other non-boyfriend, the president, was totally going to do the right thing and let them kill you, until his wife told him not to, because what are the lives of innocent West Angolans and US servicepersons worth when the president's marriage has dissolved over something less than true love? Doesn't that make you feel great?

How long has Olivia been gone? Because the previous episode seems to have taken place over the course of weeks, or a week at the bare minimum, but apparently it's been less than 2 days?
posted by donajo at 7:47 AM on February 9, 2015

"I need a shower and I've jacked up my bra. I think I'll convince the pilot from that Liam Neeson movie to put me up for auction."

This show is silly. I better keep watching it so I can maintain my weekly quota of HARUMPHs.
posted by Dr. Zira at 6:34 PM on February 9, 2015 [2 favorites]

I was so disappointed when I found out this was all over that silly West Angola plot. Yeah, I suppose I could have realized that on my own, except that that plotline was so boring that I'd already forgotten all about it.
posted by lunasol at 7:40 PM on February 9, 2015

This show just gives no fucks at all and flings all kinds of crazy stuff at the wall and makes it all stick. I enjoy it, but it's just ... dude, really? what?
posted by rmd1023 at 8:03 AM on February 11, 2015

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