All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: Dynamite 8/23 and Rampage 8/25: Fyter Fest 2023
August 23, 2023 4:30 PM - Season 4, Episode 47 - Subscribe

The final Dynamite before All In is Fyter Fest (because AEW will never forgive Ja Rule)! It couldn't be a go-home show without last minute card changes and possible title surprises, could it?

The announced card for Dynamite:

FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) face-to-face interview with The Young Bucks
aka "We're pretty sure UK security will let Wheeler keep his visa despite the arrest, so let's keep building for FTR/Bucks III and try not to incur any more bad omens"
Will Ospreay and Chris Jericho contract signing
Jericho already broke the news that his band Fozzy will accompany him to London, play the O2 Arena on Friday, and then he will sing himself down the ramp to face Will Ospreay at All In, so WIll better bring something pretty flash to tonight's signing.
Renee Paquette speaks with Adam Cole & MJF
Secret headcanon: Renee is interviewing them separately to cause dissension and let them beat the heck out of each other to position her hubby Moxley for maximum advantage
Jack Perry retires FTW Championship
Part of me hopes Taz still has one last "choke a m-f-er out" left in him to prevent this, but given that Terry Funk passed away today I suppose certain gimmick titles are in need of a rebrand... could Tony create the AEW Hardcore strap for All Out?
Swerve Strickland and AR Fox vs. Darby Allin and Nick Wayne
Darby's riding high after back-to-back wins over Gates of Agony and Christian Cage last week... how many more coffin drops and crimson masks can we get out of this team before the PPVs?
Ruby Soho vs. Skye Blue
I get the impression Ruby is the dirtiest player in the Outcasts, so Skye should bring backup x 2 when she enters tne ring.
Jon Moxley vs. Rey Fenix

Spoiler alert here!
Rumor has it that Fenix can't go to All In because he's trying to establish U.S. residency and that means no leaving the States. If it's true, expect Moxley and the rest of BCC to do something nasty to write him out and possibly introduce their mystery partners for Stadium Stampede.
ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) (c) vs. The Hardys (Matt and Jeff Hardy)
The Hardys only ever held these titles for a month back in 2017, during the "Broken" Matt Hardy saga. If they win here, they had better successfully defend them at All In's Zero Hour and re-start the "Ex-puh-DEE-shun Of Gold".
The Elite (Kenny Omega and Young Bucks) vs. Juice Robinson and The Gunns (Austin and Colten Gunn)
No doubt to end in a big pull apart brawl involving these guys plus Hangman and Ibushi plus Takeshita and Jay White so the crowd has something to cheer/scream/dream about for the next few days.
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Hilarious to see Juice Robinson goes straight to hitting the ref -- no hesitation, just a straight cross to lay out Rick Knox. Not surprising, though, anyone who watches enough Being The Elite knows how far back he goes with the Bucks.
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The match protects Fenix as much as possible in defeat, he unloaded his entire repertoire of animo and flippy shit on Moxley, and refused to be pinned no matter how hard he got hit, but of course Jon Moxley would kick out of everything up to and including a shotgun blast to the face. In the end, Moxley can only choke Fenix out, his body giving up instead of his will.

And as predicted, the rest of BCC came down -- with crowbars! -- to do enough damage that Fenix is likely written out of All In. His friends try to make the save but are blocked by a returning PROUD & POWERFUL! Looks like Stadium Stampede will be five-on-five, and it kinda makes you wonder who would have been the 6th member of the heel team if Fenix didn't have visa issues.
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The story of the Darby/Nick Wayne match is that AR Fox knows these boys well, and he and Swerve have the moves scouted, but they wrongly assumed that Nick would be the weak point. That skinny boy just proved too resilient!

But the post-match melodrama SERIOUSLY elevated everything. Fox and Darby hugging it out? Forgiveness and humility in a face? Christian Cage coming out to mock another wrestler with a dead dad?!?
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Could be the time difference, could be just who I follow on X, the ex-twitter. But most wrestling talk right now is about the passing of the great Terry Funk. RIP Terry. It even got mentioned on Japanese network news today.

Here is his "retirement" for All- Japan in 1983.
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