All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: Dynamite 8/30 and Rampage 9/1
August 30, 2023 4:46 PM - Season 4, Episode 48 - Subscribe

London's ALL IN broke records, and Tony Khan has already announced that they'll return to Wembley in almost exactly a year and probably break some more. But the promotion has another PPV special this weekend and so it's time to draw eyeballs to the product.

Hurricane Idalia has also messed with some talent flights, so Papa Tony has made some interesting last minute bookings:

Adam Cole speaks about his win (and loss) at All In
After some of the best man-crying and hugging-it-out in pro-wrestling history, one-half of the ROH Tag Team champs will have to talk about how he missed his opportunity to pin his new best friend MJF for the AEW Championship. Likely this will be interrupted by his old best friend Roderick Strong, and Roddy's new friends.
AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Penta El Zero Miedo
Winner faces Jon Moxley at All Out this weekend. Cassidy already has his sights set on pinning Jon Moxley, seeing how he's pinned every other (active) member of the Blackpool Combat Club, and Penta wants revenge on Mox for severly (kayfabe) injuring his brother Fenix. Normally I would say that high-workrate Cassidy should never ever lose, but he is so very tired, ReneƩ.
Kris Statlander, Dr. Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida vs Nyla Rose, Marina Shafir & Emi Sakura
Thank goodness Nyla and Emi are back on television, the women's division has been poorer without them. (If Emi had been booked for All In, her eternal Freddie Mercury homage would have been placed in the greatest context.). But the faces have two champs on their side.
Jon Moxley vs Komander
Speaking of people attempting to get revenge for Fenix's injuries... Depending on whether this match or the Cassidy/Penta match goes first. there may be another surprise run-in here.
NJPW Strong Openweight Title Match: Eddie Kingston (c) vs Wheeler Yuta
Welcome back from NJPW and from London, Eddie! You can eat one of Claudio's friends, as a treat!
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This transition of Toni Storm from Aussie biker chick into deranged starlet who's attempting a trans-Atlantic accent is really cracking me up. And then she throws a shoe at ReneƩ! Wonderful and I want it to continue.
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Ooh this confrontation between Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho has some serious "bitter dad vs angry teenage son" energy. Sammy mocking Jericho for losing the title (not losing a match, but physically losing the strap) is a real "open up the books" moment.
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And now here comes The Kingdom to also open up the Book Of Grudges and air some dirty laundry between them and Adam Cole. (That seems to be the theme of today's episode.) Honestly, I was not expecting such good promos from Roddy, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven.
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Huh, I had actually forgotten that Shida wasn't the women's champ anymore when I wrote out the description above. Whatever, it doesn't matter, Kris Stat looked awesome vs Marina Shafir, that can be the next feud after Kris defends at All Out.
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Bryan Keith vs. Hangman on Rampage? Oh, they are going to beat the ever-loving piss out of each other. Keith has been doing great work all over the indies (including at Booker T's promotion in Texas) and showed out at BOLA this year (as a last-minute replacement, no less), beating Masha Slamovich before losing to eventual winner Speedball Mike Bailey. He's been ready to break out, and I hope Page lets him get some good work in.
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Great, great match between Orange Cassidy and Penta. The story of the match seems to me that Cassidy's opponents really can't avoid underestimating him, and maybe Penta (without his brother) doesn't quite have the gas in the tank to put him down long enough to pin. That plus the actually impassioned promo makes me wonder if Moxley will actually put him over at All Out.
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Not only Bryan Keith, but I noticed that Shane Taylor is appearing either on Rampage or Collision, making the (short) jump from ROH.
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After winning the tag team battle royale on Rampage, the Dark Order will challenge MJF/Adam Cole at All Out for the ROH tag belts, which I'm calling "The Battle of the BUDGE".

It's a great setup, Cole's already turned on most of his pre-MJF friends, so beating Johnny Hungie and Alex Reynolds would be the next step in his heel turn. But if the challengers win, Cole's relationship with MJF becomes even more strained, and the Dark Order will have a bigger reason to feud with The Righteous, now that Stu Grayson seems to have solidified his departure.
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Collision and All Out are gonna be fuuun...
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I was saying to friends, Chicago is going to be a hot LZ tonight and tomorrow.

If they're smart Jack Perry will come out to "Cult of Personality" and draw nuclear heat.
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