Killing It: The Second Season
September 11, 2023 7:58 AM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Craig and Jillian G have (more or less) achieved their dream of opening the saw palmetto berry farm. But there's no happily ever after just yet, because everyone wants their own piece of the action.

Killing It streams via Peacock in the US. The second season has eight half-hour episodes.

"Killing It Season 2 is a vast improvement over its previous season and one of the strongest sophomore seasons in television this year. Its sharp satire on American capitalism is rounded out with a precise focus on character relationships and morality." -- Rendy Jones, Paste

"But as caustic as Killing It can be about the myth of self-made success, and as brutally as it makes fun of Florida, it also has empathy for the desire to make a dream grow from the muck of an inhospitable swamp." -- James Poniewozik, New York Times

"This is a very sharp, if often deeply uncomfortable comedy. It’s good to have it back." -- Alan Sepinwall, Rolling Stone
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I don't know that I agree with the wave of critics saying it's even better than the first season, but that may be because I really liked the first season. Either way, this is worth your time if you don't hate Craig Robinson and his whole thing.
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They do such a good job with truly infuriating characters. I don't know that Shayla actually does anything bad -- I'm only a couple episodes in -- but she's insanely obnoxious in the way that only a real person you want to push off an actual bridge is.
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Still astonished by this show. It's maybe even darker than the first season, and honestly a bit less funny to me, but I do like that they're pretty unflinching about consequences in the Killing It-verse. The central premise -- that anyone who tries to do a good thing will be crushed by a cynical person doing bad things -- is even stronger this season. It ends on a much colder note than S1, though I found the second half of the season easier to watch than the first half. The first few episodes were especially bleak...I thought the surrogacy episode was funny, but Christ was it a depressing one.
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Absolutely love(d) this show. I kinda hope that's not the end of it, but also, it's a very fitting (and remarkably dark!) ending. But if it does end, I will feel very, very cheated out of the scenes where Jillian finds out what happened and any hope of redemption from Craig (although he doesn't really need it—he got everything he needed, and in this amoral universe, does anything else matter?).
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