My Lovely Liar: My Lovely Liar
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A woman has the special ability to detect lies from truth, but she sees her special gift as a curse, and she's unable to trust anyone. When she meets a music producer who's gone into hiding while being suspected of murder, the two get entangled.

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ScreenRant - My Lovely Liar Star Kim So Hyun On Connecting With Her Unique Character: "My Lovely Liar is already coming to an end, but the sweet taste of its romance will linger past the closing credits. Part romance and part murder mystery, the Viki drama follows the practical but lonely Mok Sol Hee, who possesses the strange gift of hearing lies. While this ability has isolated her from even her mother, her outlook changes when she meets Kim Do Ha, a reclusive music producer who unwittingly helps her open up. To top it all off, he never sets off her lie detector until he utters the words, "I didn't kill her." While Korean dramas have increasingly seen global success with dystopian and supernatural genres, such as in shows like Netflix's Squid Game and Hulu's Moving, romantic comedies have always been the bread and butter of the industry. My Lovely Liar gleefully continues this tradition, albeit with the fantastical twist of protagonist Sol Hee's ability to hear lies. The show, which stars veteran actress Kim So Hyun and K-pop idol Hwang Minhyun, quickly became Viki's most-watched program currently on air and has been garnering new fans every week."

Dramabeans finale recap conclusion: "Overall, My Lovely Liar suffered from a lot of missed potential and questionable narrative choices, but — to borrow from its message — my feelings toward it are more complex than just “bad show” or “good show.” Do-ha and Sol-hee were an absolute delight together, and the show certainly raised some interesting questions about truth and falsehood and what makes for a healthy relationship. The execution wasn’t the best, but I can appreciate the intent and say (honestly!) that I enjoyed the majority of the ride."
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I was whole-heartedly enjoying this series until the episode 14 reveal of the murderer/motive 'shocking plot twist'. While it didn't retroactively ruin the entire show for me the way some shows' endings have, the surprise homophobia put a real damper on my enthusiasm and left me less invested in the finale's happy endings.

Good premise, good cast, overall I think my liking is stronger than my disappointment, but it's a bit of a wash.
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