Behind Your Touch: Behind Your Touch
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A village veterinarian receives a secret ability: when she touches a person or animal's butt, she's able to read their past. Though this leads to a lot of questionable scenarios, when a cop discovers her ability, he needs her help to catch the killer in their midst.

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The Review Geek Season 1 Review – A memorable quirky crime drama: "One of the best aspects of Behind Your Touch is its use of humor. Now, it’s not everyone’s kind of humor, but there was one scene where Mr. Park, a shaman, gives a McDonald’s food offering to someone who has passed away. He does a small shaman-style rite and spiritually sings the McDonald’s theme song. It’s just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in any K-drama. The only thing that is lacking in this series is due to the occasional predictable elements and one or two scenes that were not as funny or fleshed out as they could have been. The plot really winds around and is complex, so I understand that it can be hard to finesse the small details. Yet those aspects are what a lot of viewers appreciate, and they make a drama way better-rounded. Those things aside, there is still a lot of talent here. It’s a great, really fresh K-drama that leaves the viewer craving another episode after each one finishes. It might be a little weird and a little imperfect, but it is seriously entertaining. Behind Your Touch is a comedy and crime drama favorite, for sure. A second season is highly unlikely, but if they make one I would binge it in a heartbeat."

KDramaLove review: "Starring two of my favorite actors, whom I've been watching in dramas and films for two decades, Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince, Hyde Jekyll and I, Padam Padam, Cain and Abel, Resurrection, All In) and Min Ki Lee (Because This Is My First Life, My Liberation Notes, popular films Spellbound, Monster, Very Ordinary Couple), Korean drama Behind Your Touch (2023) proved to be a highly addictive thriller K-drama, but with some flaws, mainly in the script, not from the production team or acting ensemble, who all gave 100% to the project. The writer Lee Nam Kyu had written two other dramas I thought highly of, Radiant aka The Light In Your Eyes, and Awl, so I was a little surprised by some of the lopsided elements to this screenplay. However, it did capture my attention throughout, and its ratings for small cable station JTBC reached over 10%, so the show did remain popular during its run, and was quite popular on Netflix as well. It just seemed to be that the audience's reactions varied widely from total love to total frustration, which you could see very clearly on K-drama fan chat sites."

Dramabeans finale recap:"In order to raise the stakes in these final hours, the show made the characters act impulsively, but in the end, everything they did had no real consequence to the story which made the last chase boring....One of the other effects of the show’s poor execution is that the final week inadvertently undermined the deaths of the victims and the poncho killer case as a whole. The show wanted to depict peace returning to this quiet town, but I actually found the neighbors’ lax attitudes jarring. They recently experienced a heinous crime committed by someone they all knew, but the show has them move on so quickly without delving into it....While my overall impression with the last episodes is poor, I will say that my general opinion of the show is still positive. I thought Behind Your Touch was a fun show with interesting characters and wacky jokes that had more hits than misses, especially as the story progressed and found its stride. Unfortunately, the show stumbled at the end, and though it did sour my watching experience, I’ll try to follow in the characters’ footsteps and forget this ending ever happened."
posted by oh yeah! (5 comments total)
This show was wonderfully silly. I don't really disagree with the criticisms in the reviews, but I didn't mind any of the plot holes or inconsistencies as I was watching, because the the funny bits were so damn funny. The parody of 'Twenty Five Twenty One' in the flashback of the side couple was gold.
posted by oh yeah! at 7:15 PM on October 4, 2023 [1 favorite]

"Eight years later." "And seven years after that. So, a total of fifteen years."
posted by Mogur at 3:20 AM on October 5, 2023

I've never heard of this show, but it sounds like an even wackier premise than Pushing Daisies, in some respects.
posted by jenfullmoon at 10:39 AM on October 5, 2023

This sounds like Tina Belcher's favorite series.
posted by Saxon Kane at 3:01 PM on October 5, 2023 [2 favorites]

I watched this one and adored 90% of it. The third to last and second to last episodes hurt my feelings in ways I don't want to discuss but overall the humor and the sweetness of the show was so very good and balanced out the parts that hurt.

Also, Ye Bun's solution to finding ways to touch peoples' butts cracked me up. Between the gum and post-its, I was laughing so hard I hiccuped.
posted by teleri025 at 10:34 AM on October 6, 2023

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