Futurama: All the Way Down
September 25, 2023 2:35 AM - Season 11, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The crew investigates whether the universe is a simulation.
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Well, this one was better than the last. The title obviously refers to "Turtles all the way down"
posted by Marticus at 2:37 AM on September 25, 2023

Best episode of the season for me. Love Amy pushing the Professor!
posted by billsaysthis at 10:09 PM on September 25, 2023 [1 favorite]

When Bender dropped to the simulation, his empty shell of a body rebooted. The implication is that's a Bender from a higher order universe than "ours", right? All the Benders just moved down a level?
posted by Servo5678 at 8:00 AM on September 26, 2023 [5 favorites]

Yeah, that seems to be the implication at least
posted by DoctorFedora at 3:38 PM on September 26, 2023 [1 favorite]

so this one wasn’t especially funny but they did at least do a fun concept episode instead of half an hour of all the hottest takes from 2021
posted by DoctorFedora at 3:59 PM on September 26, 2023 [1 favorite]

Oh, Fry drinking Onion Dew was a laugh.
posted by Marticus at 7:26 PM on September 26, 2023 [1 favorite]

This was good! A good Futurama episode either makes me laugh or makes me think, and this did both.

I loved the 2-pixel recognizable characters in the early version of the simulation.

If they had brought in the Harlem Globetrotters to consult on the simulation question I would have given it a 10/10.
posted by mmoncur at 4:40 AM on September 27, 2023 [1 favorite]

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