Foundation’s Edge
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It is now four hundred ninety-eight years since the Foundation was established. It is at the peak of its strength, but one Councillor of Terminus does not accept appearances—

This novel, written from the start as a novel rather than a fix-up of previously-published shorts and novellas, was published in 1982, nearly thirty years after the publication of Second Foundation. The author’s preferred title was Lightning Rod. Hari Seldon does not appear.
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I'm not surprised this has few comments. It's talky af. There are some very interesting ideas, and this is definitely the most exciting episode of the series till this point, but the ideas are mostly ones that were better explored by others first (e.g. Golan Trevize's capacity for making the right decision is a retread of Mark Hall, the "odd man" from The Andromeda Strain).
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