One Piece: Eat at Baratie!
September 28, 2023 5:44 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

After escaping Garp and his Marines the crew is hungry and what better place to eat than a floating restaurant. What do you mean they don't take IOUs? We see the actual greatest swordsman in the world. Also we're introduced to a waiter named Sanji and his boss Zeff, a pirate-turned-chef with a fairly strong resemblance to Gordon Ramsay.

There's another flashback to kid Luffy but this time we see a bit of his relationship with Garp and how they both have different visions for Luffy's future.

What do we know about Sanji? He can fight, he can cook, he has a kind heart, and he has a far-fetched dream. I think he'll fit right in.
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I think they've done a pretty great job with casting this series.
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Yeah, I can quibble about the accents but the actors themselves are doing a great job.
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Gotta say, I did not come into this show expecting a storyline where a man eats his own foot and leg. Nope, did not see it. Total sign on for the casting on this show, it's been top notch.

I appreciated what's his name (the greatest swordsman in the world) falling into that category of moral ambiguity. Luffy's adherence to letting people pursue their dream is admiral, even if Nami was laying down some pretty good points.
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