All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: Dynamite 10/4 and Rampage 10/6
October 4, 2023 4:51 PM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

It seems like yesterday that Year 4 of Dynamite began and here we are at the beginning of Year 5. Dynamite heads into choppy waters as WWE plans counter-programming and sports schedules begin to play havoc with airdates, so Tony Khan is keeping some cards closer than usual.

Announced for Dynamite tonight:

Adam Copeland’s debut promo for AEW
Don't mind me, just gonna watch this again and smile.
Toni Storm vs. Skye Blue

Jay White & Juice Robinson speak

AEW International Championship Match: Rey Fenix (c) vs. Nick Jackson

Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega vs. Konosuke Takeshita & Sammy Guevara
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Rey Fenix and Nick Jackson -- two guys who happily invent new ways to drop themselves and each other on the top of their heads. A self-Stun-Gun setup into a Canadian Destroyer? What is this, your Fire Pro Wrestling avatar?

This rivalry has become high-level, with this match easily surpassing their previous singles match from pre-pandemic.
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OK, the Cole/MJF/Roddy angle has officially become a weird yuri (with The Kingdom pulling ridiculous background faces), and poor Griff Garrison -- who I didn't know still works here -- encounters a returning WARDLOW who powerslams him so many times the ref calls a stoppage.
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The Acclaimed won over Butcher/Blade + Kip Sabian, not a surprise. Although Butcher managed to get a vicious-looking backbreaker on Max Caster.

More importantly, Toni Storm has completed her transition to to being "Timeless", and all these vignettes will be 100% worth it if RJ City comes out as the William Holden to her Gloria Swanson.
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I don't know why Bullet Club Gold would accuse MJF of lying about being behind the attack -- this guy literally confessed to murder and framing his girlfriend for it back in February.

Although it gave Juice Robinson license to go completely bug-eyed and declare that even his taint is rock-hard!
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Apparently Sammy Guevara's injury is legit, because here comes Kyle Fletcher dressed like a SquareSoft wizard to tag with Takeshita against two of Winnipeg's greatest sons. But honestly Fletcher and Takeshita operate like a well-oiled team, until Kenny managed to put enough hurt on Takeshita to isolate Fletcher.

Until Powerhouse Hobbs apparently reveals himself to be another member of the Don Callis family!?! This post-match castigo gets brutal, with Jericho intercepting a chair to the guy, and Kenny still taking a direct-to-head chair shot.

Now that Don Callis has updated his painting motif to include a Last Supper rip-off, and Hobbs apparently part of the Family, we can speculate wildly on whoever else will fill the Apostle's seats?
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Those of you watching on FiteTV -- after Toni Storm did the throw to picture-in-picture herself! -- got to hear Toni declare about slapping Skye Blue's tittes. We've had comedy yaoi with Adam Cole, which I mistakenly referred to a yuri above, but no, this is the real toxic yuri.
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Copeland wants to team up with Christian Cage again, because he heard the Hardys were back together and he wanted to get their win back? j/k

No but seriously that's a great way to introduce a talent from another company, because obviously that was everyone's big lingering question (although I also wonder if they can find Gangrel and resurrect the Brood!)

I enjoy the implication that Edge is trying to save Christian from having the younger members of his faction suck the knowledge out of his brain and then kick him to the curb, since that's precisely what Judgment Day did to him back in 2022.
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Thanks to Rampage this week I now know that Johnny TV has renamed his finisher from "Starship Pain" to "Superstation"... because if there's one thing Mr. Hennigan understands it's proper branding.

Relatedly, I'm told that since Athena is working a "minions" gimmick with Billie Starkz and Lexy Nair in Ring of Honor, she has renamed her finisher as "Despicable Knee". Delightful.


--Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta beat Levi Shapiro & Colt Stevens in a very quick tag team match.
--The Best Friends & The Hardys defeated Daddy Magic, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia & Angelo Parker in an 8-man tag team match.
--Komander picked up the win over Lince Dorado, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Johnny TV in a 4-way match. As a result, Komander will face Eddie Kingston on Collision for the ROH World Championship.
--Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida were victorious in a tag match against Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir. Shida made the pin on Shafir, first by using her own Katana finisher then busting out Saraya's "Nightcap" (f/k/a as the Ram-Paige, hyuk hyuk) in preparation for her facing Saraya for the Women's Championship next week.

Remember that due to sports schedule fuckery, Collision is on one hour early tomorrow and Dynamite is on Tuesday, not Wednesday next week.
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