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Faking It was an early British reality TV show. Its challenge was based on Shaw's Pygmalion: experts get a month to train a member of the public to the point where a panel of their peers would be unable to pick them from a group as an imposter. Often there might be a loose connection between the existing and new occupation of the candidate: "Sheep sheerer to hairdresser" or "Show girl to show jumper", for example. The trainee would live with the experts for the month and would usually undergo a makeover as well as training by actors. After their test - they would return home - either reluctantly or gratefully.

The show ran for a number of seasons, won several awards, and spawned a US version. Two "where are they now?" episodes followed up on the characters a few years later. Most episodes can be streamed from Channel 4's site in the UK - or from various other sources. One of the first released, that appears to be generally available on Youtube is Alex the Animal: softly spoken, posh, chemistry student is coached to become a London nightclub doorman. Here is an account of how the show was made.
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This was a superb programme and only very rarely did it find an unsympathetic subject (the episode 'Games Tester to Racing Driver' springs to mind). For one of the most uplifting episodes of TV ever, 'Cellist to DJ' is hard to beat.
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For one of the most uplifting episodes of TV ever, 'Cellist to DJ' is hard to beat.

Original (but with spoilers) episode review. Also "Coxie took the roof off last night!"
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Was this the one where they got a drag racer to pretend to be a drag queen? I remember he couldn't learn how to walk in heels from any of the drag queens, but he caught on like anything when they brought in a rather beautiful cis woman to practice with. Not sure what to make of that.
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We were in London when the Cellist-to-DJ episode aired and it was amazing.

The other show on around the same time was one called "Perfect Match" where somebody's friends would pick the person they should date and the first couple was so cute together.

Then they aired a graphic PSA about wearing your seatbelt or you might get fly through the car and crush somebody's skull if you're in an accident.

In conclusion: British TV is a land of contrasts.
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