Our Flag Means Death: Fun and Games
October 12, 2023 8:11 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

After he's banished from the Revenge, Blackbeard unwittingly receives relationship advice from some dysfunctional old friends.

Ed makes friends with a rabbit after his trip to the gravy basket. Buttons provides spiritual guidance on the way to transmogrification. The reunited crew of the Revenge has some trust issues to work through. Dinner is had with old shipmates Annie and Mary.
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One writer described this as "our pirate community theater production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" and I couldn't love that more.
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I’ve been rewatching Hannibal recently, and Anne and Mary are like the living genderswapped embodiment of the very silliest jokes people make about Will and Hannibal. Just three murder attempts before dinner followed by frantic making out in front of your mortified guests.

This season feels deliberately and explicitly designed to generate fanfic, maybe more than any show I’ve ever seen.
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I felt so bad for the crew as they worked through the trauma of what Ed did to them. Who knew a cake could be upsetting? Not Roach!
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Paraphrasing this line:

Stede: A lot of your friends are disturbing people.

Ed: Well, they're all pirates.

I was excited to see Anne and Mary, and well, did not expect the affect the doldrums of retirement might have on their mental health!

Fly Buttons, Fly away, our show's Jonathan Seagull or something. Just no one eat anymore seagulls. He's totally coming back in some critical moment this season. It will be glorious.

I appreciated Ed's defensiveness with his conversation with Stede. He put everything on the line, emotionally, to go forward into something and WHAM. Stede gets cold feet.
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Well, I for one am going to hear Adam and the Ants' song "Five Guns West" (in which Ann Bonny and Mary Read are name-checked) slightly differently from now on. That was gloriously unhinged.
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