One Piece: The Chef and the Chore Boy
October 12, 2023 6:05 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Zoro is near-death after his fight with Mihawk and the crew need a doctor. What they get instead are Zeff and Sanji and their rather unorthodox way of tending to Zoro's injuries. Also in this episode the secret of Zef's missing leg is revealed and Luffy loses a fight and his crew.

Up to now everything has been fairly easy and lighthearted. Now Zoro might die, Luffy loses his fight against Arlong, and Nami reveals that she was always a part of Arlong's crew and leaves with him and takes the map of the Grand Line with her. Things are the worst they've ever been and how does Luffy respond? He opens up to Zoro, admits his doubts and mistakes, and asks for help. It's a great moment of vulnerability and emotional maturity that may have caught some viewers by surprise. Add in Zeff and Sanji's backstory and how Zeff goads Sanji into joining Luffy and I think this is the episode where people go from liking the crew to actually caring about them.
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The Zeff reveal when they're shipwrecked on the island gave me serious flashbacks of a Stephen King short story I read when I was a kid.
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I think you're right about the shift from like to care taking place about here. I've been watching the original One Piece as a follow up to this season and given the punishment Zoro takes in the original, I am now not surprised about his recovery here.
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Zoro getting grievously injured and then spending a lot of time healing, or fighting while still injured is a recurring thing in One Piece. Unlike other characters like Luffy or Brook who can just drink some milk and get better.
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The costuming and makeup in this show continues to impress. I never would have expected Zeff's ridiculous moustaches to look so good on screen. It takes real chops to translate Oda's character designs to live action as well a they have done throughout this series.
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