Our Flag Means Death: Calypso's Birthday
October 19, 2023 8:16 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

While the crew celebrates Calypso's birthday, Blackbeard faces a violent party-crasher seeking revenge.

Ned Low is upset about his record being broken. We learn what happens when the crew lets loose. A party is interrupted, leading Black Pete and Lucius to need more knives. The minor prince and Zheng begin plotting the end of piracy. Izzy can SING.
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Izzy's arc here is pretty fascinatng to me, although it's rather sharper turns than the word "arc" might lead one to expect.

i appreciate the decision to give us those quick flashbacks for Stede to make clear and explicit what's going on with him. They really isolated the difficulty, as well, by having him kill someone who clearly deserved it (while, of course, highlighting that Ed similarly deserved it)

Anyone else watch The Adventures of Baron Munchausen enough times to wonder if the orchestra was a direct reference?

I wonder if we'll revisit those kids, or leave it for the fic.
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I feel like it's just a continuation of Izzy's development from the moment he accepted the unicorn's leg. For the longest time, he identified himself as Blackbeard's second in command, but after watching his dream turn into a nightmare and hitting the bottom depths of depression, he's climbing back out and willing to put himself forward as something more.

Stede forcing Ned to walk the plank seemed like a natural development, but also, at the same time, it's somewhat worrisome, too. How much of a pirate's pirate is Stede going to drift toward. Granted, he was very much typical Stede when he essentially talked the mercenaries into revolt. I think this episode also kind of realized something I hadn't, that there is very much a Monty Pythonesque feeling of whimsy within serious moments that you don't find much anywhere today. This show is still much darker and straight faced at times, but it's like little bubbles of "hey, let's just run with this...." moments of silliness that streak through everything.
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Bronson Pinchot is so good in this as Ned Low, I really wanted to see more of him.
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