Our Flag Means Death: Man on Fire
October 19, 2023 9:00 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

As Blackbeard reevaluates his life, Stede revels in his newfound infamy. With some help from Jim, Oluwande reunites with a hesitant Zheng.

The Revenge returns to the Republic of Pirates, and get a different reception than they anticipated. The Swede is hot now! Ed tries something new and gives advice on how to deal with fame. Authentic planks are sold to a willing public.

Steak Knife the henchman tries to intervene in a fight as Jackie tells a brawling pub to take it outside. Things get heated.

Note: Next episode is the season finale.
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These past two together were simultaneously hard to watch and a joy to watch. I don't know how they do it, but they've sure done a thing.

The clocks were... I mean it's the most famous thing about seafaring that pendulum-style clocks can't work on a ship. I'm glad that they had another use (however little sense it made, it was still funny).
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The second I heard "every ship got one," I was just, "Welp, that's an incendiary device!" I wonder what the commentary is there about ally ship from those already in privileged positions. Our Noseless Prince clearly saw a way to boost himself at the expense of Zheng's pirate fleet versus the enrichment plan that she suggested. Bottom line, don't trust white allies!

I don't know what to take from Ed's decision to run away. This is classic will they type of storytelling, with one thing or another constantly keeping a romantic pairing from happening. At the same time, Ed was ready to sail to China and shaved off his beard last season. Why, when he finally has Stede's commitment does he decide to go be a fisherman? (The dialogue over the fish he caught was wonderful, fwiw.)

I hope Oluwande and Zheng continue to go at it, albeit, now she's a pirate without a ship.

It's so very much Stede glorying in the popularity of being famous, but god, it's awful watching him do so.

I appreciate getting two doses of OFMD at once, but I hate that it means it's over twice as fast.
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As I was watching the scene after the credits I thought, we are witnessing a cultural shift. Reimagining all these old stories and time periods with a queer cast of characters, full of feelings well articulated (not that everyone isn’t messy - they just talk about it!), and forgiveness, and nontoxic masculinity in abundance. It seemed like a one-note joke at the start - what if pirates are secretly emotionally intelligent and silly, and they just need a good leader to bring it out in them? But now… I hope it’s the beginning of something beautiful in television. I don’t mind if it’s not happily ever after. I’m just reveling in the softness.
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