Lessons in Chemistry: Primitive Instinct
October 27, 2023 1:10 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Struggling with the hardships of motherhood, Elizabeth finds herself in a new direction when given an opportunity.

Lessons in Chemistry Recap: The Motherhood Equation [Vulture / Archive]
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At this point, I have to say that I'm finding the show much more moving than the book (though I liked the book). The glimpses of Calvin made me cry, and I felt the weight of Elizabeth's grief very keenly. I'm also liking the structure - 4 solid episodes and now we transition into the show.
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Oh, if only I'd known I could make my own anesthesia! (Though I wonder if they would have let her take her own...okay, it's the 50's, they probably don't have regulations against it like they would now.)

I found the Calvin hallucinations to be very comforting (I wish he'd answered back when she asked if he knew she loved him the first time...though "I know" later made me chuckle before Star Wars) throughout the episode, but as a scientist who doesn't believe in God, it seems odd that Elizabeth would just accept this and not, I dunno, behave scientifically about it, analyze it, say something about comforting delusions? (Note: this wasn't a thing in the book.)

Dr. Mason continues to be sweet and great. I'm glad Charlie turns out to be a good egg as well.

I do not get why they had the weird fakeout about which kid was Mad(eline) and which was Amanda. Also, the Amanda kid was...um, that kid looks to be at least ten, not *seven.* That kid looked SO tall. Also, they don't really explain the whole lunch thing as to why Madeline was passing along her lunch. (Though I am relieved we're not starting with Madeline as some genius 4-year-old, that'd be hard to pull off with real live kid.)

TINY SPOILERS FOR BOOK IN THIS PARAGRAPH, IGNORE IF YOU WANT: I just checked in the book and Madeline was giving her her lunch as an act of friendship. I also remember that at one point we're told that Walter absent-mindedly packed Amanda's lunch with random shit like a stapler and accidentally put his own flask into it and things like that...which seems to indicate that Amanda wasn't getting fed at lunch.

It's a little odd that Elizabeth would haul down to chew out Walter and .... bring him a recipe and food samples? Coincidentally?

"That is quite the feat, using grateful and died in the same sentence."

Attack his face, baby Mad! Go for those glasses!

It seems odd that Elizabeth's work gets stolen, but she charges guys to let them steal hers, more or less. Also, how fucking stupid is everyone at Hastings? Donatti, as usual, is fucking shameless.

Oh my, Elizabeth trying to imitate Fran Flask. And getting all her supplies on Hastings's dime, presumably? Wowza.

Reverend Wakely is hot. Just saying.

I love how watching kids play with a top seems to have given Elizabeth the idea for a ... centrifuge or something?!

NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR DICK AT WORK, DUDE. "Someone maternal, but fuckable," gross.

"Do not split that cookie with your father!"
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Oh what a relief that she kept the house and her child is healthy!
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I love her rehearsed and then perfectly executed call to order equipment for the “Hastings Satellite Lab”.
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