Lessons in Chemistry: CH3COOH
November 3, 2023 1:48 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Elizabeth butts heads with her new boss as she works to make Supper at Six her own. Mad meets a new friend while working on her family tree.

Lessons in Chemistry Recap: Rising to the Occasion [Vulture / Archive]
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The station owner was overly influenced by his emotions over his capitalistic opportunity.
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I continue to really enjoy this -- I think my expectations were rock-bottom after reading a couple of negative reviews early on, but I'm enjoying it more than the book.

Also curious to see where they're gonna take the Walter character. IIRC, in the book he became the love interest of Elizabeth's neighbor, who initially had a terrible husband and then he disappeared in some fashion. Did he die? Or she kicked him out? I forget.
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I love the family dinner with the Sloanes.

I love Elizabeth's 'tude about (a) selling Tupperware, (b) having to ask for a recommendation from a place she hates and also just asking right off if Boryweitz is going to hamper her career too. The guy has some nerve, for sure.

I love how Walter sees Elizabeth and why he'd want to hire her for the job. You don't talk down to your audience, you see them as equals.

Was surprised that Elizabeth slipped into "I'm supposed to get you coffee" mode because that doesn't seem like her thing at all, but maybe that's happened after she had to be that dude's assistant or something. This one has more jobs than the book one did.

It's still funny that they want to cast a hot sexy thin woman for a woman's cooking show that's on during the work day when presumably all these suited husbands aren't home. I know, "men have the money," but still.

I like how they show how she came up with her ending catchphrase.

Madeline's reaction to the fame...sigh.

This show continues to have fun quotes despite being about a woman with no sense of humor.

"A good rule of thumb is to not eat foods that share ingredients with jet fuel."
"I know. I was just being provocative."
"I prefer rejection after my meal."
"A reference is when someone you no longer wish to work with holds the fate of your next job." Hear, hear.
"Nobody likes school. That's a fact." I hear ya, girl.
"Yeah, I definitely tasted the extra molecules."
"I accidentally put a flask of gin in her lunch last week." "Well, whatever gets her through Mrs. Mumford's class." I DIE. Who knew Elizabeth could crack a joke?!?
"Oh, we weren't in love. I don't even know if she has a soul." Elizabeth's shocked blink to this is something to see.
"There is nothing smile-worthy about life insurance!"
"Is this genius or crazy? I can't decide."
"Don't overthink it." "I never understood what that meant."
"This dress would be fantastic on a midsize child."
"I've been doing really well in class. I bit my tongue till it bled when she had us draw penguins in coats and hats.....And I haven't asked the librarian for a single book!" Anyone think of this thread? Oh, sweetie, you sound like me at work, except being a "good girl" gets me NOTHING because I've already trashed my reputation and nobody cares if you behave after that.
"Break a leg." "I am considering it."
"He knows what I'm saying because I'm saying it."
"Why don't you make the fucking drink?"

Book discussion and comparisons in paragraph below:
Donatti's gone? Early?!?
Harriet decided to divorce her husband.
As per the book, Walter is putting inappropriate stuff in Amanda's lunch.
The show also makes a better point that Madeline should be going to a different school.
I like that TV Elizabeth actually studies up on television and how it works rather than just rolling in blind about it.
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