Lessons in Chemistry: Poirot
November 10, 2023 11:30 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Elizabeth and others fight back against the system. Madeline continues to investigate her lost father. We see flashbacks to what happened with Elizabeth's brother (trigger warning there).

This one is the biggest departure from the books since it involves protest, and also Elizabeth caving in briefly to a sponsor at work once her staff get suspended from work right along with her. (Don't piss off your hairdresser.)

I love that a minister has read Agatha Christie more than the Bible. Which he's only read twice. LOVE this.

Wow, I can't believe this version of Elizabeth caved under pressure from the staff. Interesting swerve from the book there.

Elizabeth announces there will be a rerun so she can go protest the freeway. Oh my, she's fighting back against the four day suspension too.
And Wakely just found out about his pen pal connection.

"I wore pants on national TV. I could actually feel Phil's arteries constricting in real time."
"Yeah, inspecting the lipids is right on my to-do list after not giving a shit."
"Do you know why people watch television? Because it's ON." LOLOLOLOLOL true.
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I didn’t realise Reverend Wakely didn’t know who Mad’s parents were!

This was a hard to watch episode in places, poor John, and tw police brutality.

I’m glad Fran is working with Elizabeth.
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Lessons in Chemistry Recap: The Preacher’s Daughter [Vulture / Archive]
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Brie Larson Talks Lessons in Chemistry, The Marvels and Her Soulmate Samuel L. Jackson (Extended) (The Tonight Show)

She talks about Lessons in Chemistry first if you’re not a Marvel person!
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This was hard to watch. Her brother and the sit in, both.
I'm really glad that her old work enemy has become a new work friend, but I'm maybe more wary about that than Elizabeth is.

She has such a good relationship with her daughter!
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Agreed, very hard to watch. It sounds kinda stupid to say it, but right now with [gestures to everything in the world] I need my media to be lighter. I dearly hope this level of tension won't be repeated.
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