The Buccaneers: Homecoming
November 15, 2023 4:38 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The cast moves to NYC, where Conchita is happy, Nan is confrontational, Jinny and Lizzy have some unpleasant moments, and Agnes's mother walks in on her in the bathroom. Everybody lies.

I am not the only one who gets CW vibes from this show.

The St. George family:
Nan confronts her mother. Instead of giving the inevitable "you're my child, regardless of biology" response I expected--to be fair, that speech is given later in the episode--Mom St. George storms about, blows her top a bit, and has a hard time faking affection for her cheating husband.

Dad St. George goes on about what happens when a pretty girl laughs at your jokes and claims that Nan's biomom is dead (her family told me so), but when asked her name, claims he didn't get a good look at her. This is pretty clearly a lie, confirmed at the end of the episode that dad won't say.

Guy sends a lovelorn telegram to Nan, which Theo opens (hello, not for you?!), gets a bit cranky, and then wants to elope.

Seaborn Drama:
Lord Seaborn is a shitty party guest. He doesn't recognize Lizzy with her clothes on, gives an incredibly fiery diss to the party to Jinny and then says, "I'm not going to tell you what to do, Virginia," and then Jinny finds herself totally insulting her mother to her face. Lord Seaborn is all, "what's gotten into you, this party is lovely" and suddenly becomes a hand-kissing gallant. I hate this guy. Nan smooths things over, her mother takes it surprisingly well and kind of uses the opportunity to have a bit of a snit and storm out of her own party? And share about "the time I climbed a wall and showed my second-best bloomers to the mayor." Mom's going through things and kinda wants a divorce but can't.

The Elmsworth Family:
Lizzy came back home to avoid Seaborn and then he comes here. Lizzy continues to be creeped out. Mom Elmsworth says she can't have two kids in separate continents, but Lizzy agrees to go back to England since hell, she might as well now. We find out Agnes is having A Thing Going On with the maid and lies that there was nobody like her in England, and then her mom walks in on them kissing. Mom Elmsworth has elected to pretend she saw nothing and probably drink to forget.

The Marable Family: Conchita and Dick are happy and free in NYC, but will he stay there? Probably not.

"Is she doing her funny arms dance?" Why yes, yes she is.
"What would they say if I had two daughters on different continents? Your sister has ruined it for us all."
"I didn't get a proper look at her, Nan."
"No Englishman will choose freedom over power."
"Daddy says everyone in this world is pretending to be grown-ups."
"I'm not going to tell you what to do, Virginia."
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