Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: Whatever
November 21, 2023 8:27 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Ramona, heads to a film set to see Lucas, her movie star ex, whose role in a major Canadian motion picture attracts media attention - and the paparazzi.

They're starting to really lean into the meta (metaverse?) nature of this re-interpretation of the story. I laughed out loud when it was revealed what Young Neil's screenplay was about, and the gag of it being directed by Edgar Wrong.
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directed by Edgar Wrong.

Plus, the security guards were voiced by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.
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I missed that! I noticed the director was voiced by Kevin McDonald, but he's got a pretty distinctive voice.
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Plus, the security guards were voiced by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.

I was wondering why security guards in Toronto would have British accents and then I saw the credits and figured it was so that they could give cameos to them.
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I keep wondering if there's a specific actor that Chris Evans is imitating for Lucas Lee. Sometimes I think Stephen Seagal, but other times, naw. He wears the 'tude well, in any case.
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I really want some BTS clips of Chris Evans' process in this episode. What was in the script and/or direction to inspire the variety of grunts he... grunted
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I was SO PLEASED that I figured out the guards were supposed to be Simon Pegg and Nick Frost literally five seconds before the credits made it clear
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That United States of Whatever song has been playing a lot in my house recently.

I want to talk about the rest of the show! Someone please finish posting episode recaps.
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(The rest are posted now, but so far there aren't any comments in them.)
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