Endgame: Inside the Royal Family And the Monarchy's Fight For Survival
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"In the past I, like others, have held back on revealing some of the darker truths at the heart of the institution of the British monarchy...But as the once-majestic brocade of the royal family continued to fade and fray behind the scenes and on the front page, I was increasingly convinced that it was time to write this book." Royal reporter Omid Scobie writes about the decline of the monarchy.

I'll probably add to this once I read more of the book.
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The Daily Mail is even more apoplectic than usual about this book. And they wonder why Harry and Meghan said "fuck this shit" and moved 6,000 miles away.

That said, if they want a quiet life, then they need to STFU rather than monetising every opportunity to have a dig at Charles and William.
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Boy, there sure are a lot of 1-star reviews for a decent-sized (just over 400 pages) book that's only been out for a few days. Looking forward to what you think about it.
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I wasn't familiar w the book so I googled it and what came up first was its page at Target, of all things. (For non US-ians, Target is a big box store chain. It's basically Wal-Mart for people who went to college.) And it had a one-star rating already. I mean honestly, who reviews books on the Target web site?? So yes, sustained campaign of dumping on this book anywhere it can be dumped upon based on its mere existence.
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I'm reading along. I've found a lot of articles on the book that I may just post in one giant post later so people can get direct references. I wouldn't say it's a one star whatsoever, but he's saying stuff that will piss off a lot of people in power, even if a lot of that stuff has been floating around for years.
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So, uh, there's a report that in the early Dutch edition, the royals who asked about how dark Archie was likely to be were identified as *drum rolls*


Charles and Kate.

This information was promptly excised from the text, and everyone was afraid to report it even after it was noticed, but Piers Morgan, of all people, announced it on his own show, whose hate-on for Meghan is so intense that he seems to have thought this would somehow reflect poorly on her.
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My bet would be William and Kate. At the very least, Meghan writing a letter to Charles about the situation wouldn't quite go like that if HE was the one who said it. Kate and Wills have hated Meghan pretty much from the beginning, Charles took awhile to get there and according to Harry, used to be nice to Meghan.

I find it interesting that the author is all, "I didn't put the names in the book, I don't know where the Dutch got it from." Unsurprised that Piers would be as assy as he can since he's still smarting from the fact that Meghan met Harry after she met him (Piers) the ONE time.
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I have it on library hold but in the meantime the coverage at Celebitchy has been pretty entertaining.
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I will do a roundup of Celebitchy posts when I have the time and post them here because there's so many excerpts from the book. But I'm a wee bit swamped at the moment.
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Metafilter: It's basically Wal-Mart for people who went to college.
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Endgame Roundup #1: the links I collected in November. I still gotta go through the December collection.
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Endgame discussion links, up to today: I still haven't finished the book because my weekend was swamped, still working on it. There's enough discussion here in the links if anyone else wants to check it out, plenty of excerpts.
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*sigh* Yes, he did mention the names in an earlier draft, which ended up with the Dutch.

I have finished the book but am still working on my writeup of it.
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