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November 29, 2023 6:54 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A romantic relationship in Istanbul ends badly. Lamb hits the panic button when one of his Slow Horses fails to show up for work.
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Slow Horses Season-Premiere Recap: Ringo Level [Vulture / Archive]
posted by ellieBOA at 12:27 PM on November 30, 2023

Ahh this show does suspense and tension so well. I’d watch a whole show about the ill-fated Istanbul couple! My partner said, “That’s a LOT of chick peas…” before the file was uncovered. Interesting that there were two instances of food hiding something valuable.
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That WAS a lot of chickpeas! I saw that and was, like, no wonder he thought he had plenty of time to snoop around.
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Oh god I don’t need to see Lamb half naked. But Ringo and George Level… Also does Catherine have to get kidnapped and held at remote country houses in every season?
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I'm just so happy this show is back. (And I can already tell that they'll have changed everything around just enough that my vague memories of having read the book a year or two ago will make everything just slightly more confusing.)

Apparently the secret classification level just below Ringo is Garbanzo.
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I love this show but I'm amazed at how absolutely GROSS they managed to made Lamb. I almost feel like I can smell him through the screen. Its an impressive commitment to character, I suppose, not surprising from Oldman. I think Catherine is pretty tough, in her own way.

(and who just helps themselves to someone else's ice cream???)
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(and who just helps themselves to someone else's ice cream???)

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Hiding your valuables in a fundamentally appealing food product does sort of seem like asking for trouble. Stick the diamond in a giant, freezer burned bag of frozen veg! Or at least make it a pint of rum raisin or something. (Apologies to rum raisin likers.)
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Surely the best ice cream to hide diamonds in is Rocky Road?

It is remarkable just how vile Lamb is. I admire Oldman playing it to the hilt. Clearly there's a lot of makeup and physical acting and fart foleys. His hair's greased up and he was sticking his belly out but the saggy older man pecs are unavoidably him.
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Two women have male booty callers who snoop nude in their flats but can't find the contraband the women have hidden in creamy foods.
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She must have melted the ice cream to get the diamond in there, then refroze it, so city boy may be at risk of food poisoning.
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