It's a Wonderful Knife (2023)
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A year after a young woman who saves her town from a serial killer on Christmas Eve, she wishes she was never born. When her wish is granted, she discovers what her absence has cost the people of Angels Falls.

Starring Jane Widdop as Winnie and a cast of genre favorites like Joel McHale, Justin Long, and Katherine Isabelle this horror comedy was directed by Tyler MacIntyre (Tragedy Girls) and written by Michael Kennedy (Freaky).
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just saw this today as it's currently on Shudder. This is a very fast paced horror comedy that doesn't overstay its welcome. One of the reviews on letterboxd really hit the nail on the head by saying that those who bother to see this in theaters will likely find it disappointing while those who just pop it on shudder with low expectations are likely to be entertained. So basically, if you have the time and inclination it's worth a watch, but don't put a lot of energy into seeking it out.

It's a movie that really doesn't hold up under any kind of examination. The killer's costume choice, while striking, is completely ridiculous. When Winnie realizes how important she is because she saves her brother who as a hs football star is so important to the townis deeply problematic. That she needs to exist to save her brother instead of because she in her own right is important. The complete about face Winnie's parents do in regards to her untreated and ignored PTSD overnight when she returns to her own time? The absolutely bizarre mind control scene with justin Long? I could go on. But I won't. Because this not an A24 production. It's a silly horror comedy that doesn't overstay its welcome. If you can just take it how it is, warts and all, you'll enjoy yourself.

I think my one real issue with this one is Justin Long's southern accent IS SO GODDAMNED ANNOYING. It's absolutely unnecessary. Long is very talented at playing dudes you who desperately need to be murdered. He is not very talented at southern accents. Play to his strengths.
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Upon discussing this film with friend-I think the whole problematic issue could be solved if the denouement involved Winnie returning to her own plane able to now assert what she needs and challenging her parents' favoritism.m Like hey I saved the life of your truck worthy son and all I get is pink tracksuit? So instead of her parents suddenly being supportive, she's able to use what happened to now articulate and challenge her parents' view. And be clear if her parents don't value her, she can find purpose and support elsewhere.

But also this movie misses the pay off of It's a Wonderful Life-the community gives back to George. Winnie never gets the COMMUNITY pay back of acknowledging the burden she's taken on to everyone's benefit.
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I like the title. It's on a par with Chopping Mall.
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Chopping Mall is a far better film.
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My wife and I watched it this past weekend. Going in I was expecting something on par with Slotherhouse. While not amazing it was far better than either of us expected. At under 90 minutes the runtime was just right and while it had its issues it was a fun Christmas slasher.
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It was cute! I loved the costume they created for The Angel.
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So is Justin Long doing an extended Martin Short impression here? Feels like he is. Short is the master of playing cishet rich men with florid, poncy energy.
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